Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wonderful Wednesdays

Oh, how we love Wednesdays! We're 22 weeks today! 22! Take that in for a moment! 22 freaking weeks! Life is good. I'm still feeling a lot of morning sickness most of the day which is bizarre that it's decided to rear its ugly head this week after not having much the entire pregnancy. Doc told me to try unisom which doesn't seem to be doing much, but it does help me sleep so that's great. I have an appt with him on Friday where I'll ask him for more ideas or reasons why this might be happening. I'm keeping food down which is good, but don't have much of an appetite and eat smaller meals throughout the day. D and I have been walking at night after dinner too which seems to help with digestion.

Some good news came today....the crib arrived! A real crib. A crib where our baby will sleep. A crib. I wish I could post pictures because it is beautiful, but it's a surprise! I look at the crib and can't believe we are going to have a real baby sleeping in it very soon! 126 days. Too much for my little brain to handle, but oh so exciting! Today we watched an episode of "Bringing Home Baby" (on TLC) and it really hit home that we're bringing home a baby in April and I cried through most of it!

Life is good.

I feel like I'm living a miracle.

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Anonymous said...

This is like 3 weeks late, but you should try unisom and B6, that is what I did. I thought I might check your blog out and see how you are doing, and this is what caught my eye. Congrats again...Cassy