Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Preliminary Registering...

Some of my mom friends offered to take me for a preliminary tour of Babies R Us and helped me with tips/suggestions/advice about what we need. Their knowledge about all the products was so impressive!! David and I will go back to register with the fun scanner gun!! I feel really good about what we need, but am overwhelmed by all the stuff needed and how much it all costs! WOAH!!

Signing up for the BRU mailing list. I felt like I was signing up to be in a sorority that I've been pledging for 4 years and they finally accepted me.

So many choices....which one will Baby Hutcheson like best!!!??

Katie was the most helpful, patient, sweet and loving 9 year old I've ever seen! We were there for HOURS!!! :)

Jen getting in on the fun!! (see bib)

Look closely at our eyes! We all just had a crying spell after Jen's voice cracked as she said, "I CANT BELIEVE WE'RE HERE" and then 'In My Daughter's Eyes' song came on the BRU radio! We were all crying in the rockers!! Katie was the only stable one!! It was a moment for sure!!! It was a beautiful day!! The next day D and I worked in the nursery all day long and it felt like a miracle weekend!!

Even Lainey Love was wiped out from a day of shopping with the girls!!!!!! :)


baby hansley said...

How much fun is that....I bet that was one of the best days of your life. How did you ever make it until your first beta. I feel like I am in robot mode because all I can think about is Friday. I just want to scream I am so nervous. Nicki

Anonymous said...

What a great day you must have had!! Aww and little Even is adorable! Can't wait to see the nursery when it's all done!

Jessica said...

How fun!! :) Registering is So much fun...but can also be stressful since there is SO much to choose from. It all can get confusing. Glad you had a preliminary round...to get you used to everything!