Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We're Legal

We just hit 21 weeks today!  We're legal!!  ha ha;-)

I still haven't "popped" persay, but I've heard it happens at different times for everyone!! (sigh)  Still waiting for a stranger to ask "when are you due?", but it should happen by the end of the  year at the rate I'm going. 

We're going to have a quick u/s on Monday to see if she can determine the gender or not.  This one is "on the side"/"off the record".  And then we have a regularly scheduled appt that Friday (11/30)  where she has to check my cervix so she'll try again then.  That's 2-3 u/s in one week so we should find out.  Friends have told me to drink OJ and have a little sugar before the appt to wake the baby up.  I'll try anything!!!  So I'm estimating that by the end of November, we'll know if we're bringing home a little baby girl or boy!!  I'm sooooo excited to find out!!

Here are some baby pictures for your perusal :) :)  I'll post a belly pic later on, but just look at week 20 and it's pretty much the same belly!!!!  We check the heartbeat daily and it's going strong!!  YAAA!!!

Email and AIM finally together. You've gotta check out free AOL Mail!

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