Sunday, November 18, 2007

We're Officially Registered!!

Wow, what a big event we had registering this weekend at Babies R Us!!! Something we've only dreamed of and couldn't believe it as it was happening!! It was a good thing I went with some of my mom friends for a prelim run so I had an idea of what we needed bc that store is EXTREMELY overwhelming! It still tooks us 3-4 hours!!! So much to choose from and we were clueless in most aisles! We would both look at each other and laugh bc we were each looking at the other for some idea of what to choose, but we both looked more clueless than the other!! So this is a rough draft where we'll be adding/deleting as we hear from all the experts out there. We were especially clueless in the bottle, pacifier, breastfeeding accessory aisles!! We still need to register for clothes, but the manager said to wait until it's closer because most of the clothes are seasonal and won't be there in the Spring. some items are not on there because friends are letting us borrow theirs. (bassinet, swing, etc)

With every shot of the scan gun, it felt awkward and surreal! Awkward because it felt greedy to scan an item which essentially meant we'd be asking friends and family to buy something for us. That just didn't feel right. It's like going to a restaurant for dinner and calling up a friend or family member to ask them to pay for it. Weird. Strange. Odd. Awkward. Greedy? I know people do it all the time for the first baby, but it still felt selfish in a way; almost like we're saying we're entitled to all these gifts which isn't how we feel at all!

It also felt surreal because all these toys, pacifiers, gadgets, machines, contraptions, bibs, bottles, will be for OUR wittle, itty bitty baby in April!! Imagining that was overwhelming and surreal at once! I wanted to take it all home to play with to prepare for him/her.

So here's a sneak peek of what we registered for and tips/suggestions/advice is welcome and appreciated. Some things are set in stone, while others were wherever D pointed the gun and shot the scanner!!

Go to
Last Name: Hutcheson, Kelly in FL
Or use our registry number: 69067108

Please email me or post comments to the new, inexperienced and clueless parents that just want the best for our wittle wuvable wugwat in April :) :)

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Jessica said...

So Exciting!! :) I posted some advice/suggestions on our board for you! Take a look!