Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dr. Update

BABY H IS IN PERFECT HEALTH!! I know that's all that matters!

Well, we weren't successful in finding out the gender today because Baby H wasn't cooperating!! The u/s tech did give it a valiant effort though because she tried once and then we had to see the doctor and she offered to try again after our appt with the doctor which we did! She even tried vaginally! Still no luck.

She said the baby was fast asleep, legs crossed and she couldn't get a read on the gender. We have an appt on 11/30 where she'll check again, but as we were leaving she offered to give us an u/s "on the side" on the Monday after Thanksgiving where we can just stop in for one "off the record". So that is 11/26!! The way I see it is that we'll find out the week after Thanksgiving because we'll have TWO OPPORTUNITIES in one week to try to see so I'm good with that!! We were planning on painting the nursery this weekend so it's a little disappointing, but I think we'll register this weekend instead which will be a lot of fun!! It's hard to sit on our hands with the nursery, but we have plenty to keep us busy in the meantime. We ordered the furniture for the nursery today and it'll be delivered in the next 2 weeks! SO EXCITING!! We've been shopping like dogs trying to find just the right pieces and I think we did!! :)

Baby H is healthy. We are happy. We are 20 weeks! We're halfway there!! This is a happy day with Baby H!!! Even if he/she is stubborn and going straight to time out when he/she is born!! lol.

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