Thursday, November 01, 2007

18 Week Pictures...

Kelle made these onesies for my birthday. Aren't they INCREDIBLE!?!? I can't believe we'll be putting a little body in these!!!! They look so teeny-tiny in person!!!

Charley bonding with the onesies. I hope this continues! It should be interesting how he adjusts to Baby Hutcheson because he has a bit of a jealous streak!!

We're trying to stay organized with everything we're buying for the baby/nursery. Somehow I think we'll need about 44 of these envelopes!!! LOL!
It's growing slowly, but surely! I can't wait to pop and strangers know I'm pregnant. Still feeling in the "awkward" stage. Exuse the red mouth - I just had a cherry tootsie pop!! :)
Up close and personal...
The room for the nursery is cleaned out and a blank slate!! Here's what I came home to in the foyer when D surprised me by clearing out the nursery all by himself!!!! Furnishings went to my dad's empty 4th bedroom. So exciting to plan I can hardly stand it!! Charley is a little confused by all that is going on in the house!! :)

The most beautiful and vibrant double rainbow D and I have ever seen!! Pictures don't do it justice!! What a miracle in the sky! And in my tummy!! :)


Anonymous said...

Kelly you look beautiful - definately GLOWING!! I can't wait to see the nursery!! I bet Charlie's glad that furniture is gone - cats freak so easily lol! I don't know about with cats but with our dog they had Rich take home a blanket the baby wrapped in so she could get used to the smell. Yay for 18W! Love Donna

Anonymous said...

You are beaming! Congrats. I'm so glad that you are enjoying each minute.