Friday, November 30, 2007

Dr. Update...

Had an u/s today and everything is perfect! Baby H's HB is 150bpm just how I like it. Growing, thriving and moving around a lot which was neat to see.

I do have an "umbilical hernia" behind my belly button which is concerning, but nothing I can do, but watch it closely. Not dangerous to the baby, but it is to me. He said I'll have pain and extreme vomiting if I'm in danger bc an intestine will get stuck in the hernia. Then i need to go to the ER to have surgery to have it fixed and all should be OK. Said I should get it taken care of after I deliver for sure. Who knew?? Anyone ever heard of something like that? He said it's probably from having 2 laparoscopies and having to go through the belly button. After one of my surgeries, my belly button got infected so it's probably leftover from that. My belly button is blue and purple, but I thought it was just because of extra blood pumping in my belly. I've had no pain from the belly button, but it does look disgusting! And I have the most sensitive belly button known to mankind so that doesn't help! i may wear a band aid over it just to be safe!! ewwww

I am feeling MUCH BETTER today so that is great! Not much nausea at all and my appetite is getting better. It's not back to normal, but I'm not disgusted by food either.

On another front, I had chicken pox as a baby, but for some reason when I had testing done awhile back, I'm not immune to chicken pox. I just found out that a teacher at my school has it! Argh! What next?? Doc says to stay FAR AWAY and wash my hands regularly.

I'm glad it's Friday!! This weekend will be fun as D is going to paint the nursery! I'll provide moral support from afar because I don't want to breathe any of those toxic fumes. We may even put the crib together!! Fun times!!

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