Monday, February 19, 2007

Ultrasound Tomorrow!

Here's a picture of all the magazines I had stuffed under my bed from last pg-cy that I just recently pulled out. Last time we were pg, I got subscriptions right away to pg-cy mags and obviously didnt need them so I'd turn them upside down every month when they arrived bc they were such a unfriendly reminder every month. Then I'd throw them under my bed knowing I'd need them sometime! It's nice to finally be able to peruse through them.

We have our 2nd ultrasound tomorrow and we may hear the heartbeat! You always hear the heartbeat by 8 weeks, but I'll only be 6 weeks 6 days tomorrow so it's not guaranteed, but it sure would be nice!! I'm feeling a little nervous bc I want everything to go right, but I've been having some typical pg-cy symptoms so I feel good about that! It feels good to feel bad! (ie nauseous) ha ha My favorite part of the day is when I feel sicky. That's when I feel the most peace and everything is OK! It's almost as if the baby is kicking inside my tummy! I'll be sure to post asap tomorrow as many are anxious to hear the results as are we!! Our appt is at 2:50, but we ALWAYS have to wait; especially for the later appointments. I wouldn't be surprised if we're there over 2 hours for a 20 minute appointment!! Good thing I like to do Soduku puzzles now!! David is just learning too so he helps me over my shoulder.
Please keep praying for a happy and healthy Baby Hutcheson!!


Joanna De Beers said...

Can't wait to see new pictures of the baby tomorrow!!!
Is it still possible to detect more than one fetus, or would the u/s have seen that last time? Just wondering if baby Hutcheson could be babies Hutcheson... :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for you to see little Hutcheson again!! You probably wont be able to hear the heart beat yet but you'll be able to see it flickering - sooo cool!!
Donna :)