Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Friday is on my mind quite a bit because it is our first ultrasound where they make sure that the pregnancy is in the uterus and not outside making it an ectopic pregnancy. "Ectopic" just meeans 'outside the uterus". Pregnancies can begin in your uterus, but be sucked into your tubes, grow in your abdomen, around your ovaries, etc. They said IVF lowers your chances of ectopic bc they bypass the tubes, but there is still a chance the young embies could get sucked into the tubes early on. Because I have issues with my tubes is the reason we decided to go with IVF so we're REALLY hoping and praying it isn't an ectopic.

We had an ectopic in 9/05' and it was incredibly painful, scary, and heartbreaking to say the least. We found out about it at our first heartwrenching u/s so I can't help to so there in my mind and think about it as we head into our first u/s. I'm scared, but we're staying cautiously optimistic! I want to break through this first u/s and reach our first milestone!! KEEP PRAYING!!!!!! I strongly believe in the power of prayer and know that is the reason we're pregnant today! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Since the news is "out", it's so exciting to relive our happiness and share our joy with everyone who are equally as excited! I'm blown away by people's reactions and how they share in our enthusiasm!! It's very humbling and just reiterates to me everyday how loved and lucky we are!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Fannie31 said...

I have been and will continue to send postive thoughts, and offer prayers like CRAZY for you and David! I pray each and EVERY day that baby(ies) Hutcheson is/are growing HEALTHY and STRONG inside mommy's uterus! :o)

Thank you for allowing us to share this amazing experience with the two of you! Love you guys!

Kristal Ayres said...

I am so happy for you and your husband. I too believe strongly in the power of prayer. This little person is a miracle and a testimony of your faith.
Kristal Ayres

Joanna De Beers said...

Good luck!!!
Hold on Baby Hutcheson(s)!!!

Anonymous said...

It's the ultrasound is today. Don't worry about it too much. Everything will be FINE. Can't wait to see the results of it all. I hope that both of the eggies are right where they need to be. Can't wait to hear some names....=)
Keeping all crossables crossed...