Thursday, February 22, 2007


There was a mixup at the lab with my bloodwork (long drawn out story), but the short story is the results from my bloodwork won't be back until tomorrow morning (vs today). That's fine bc I already know what it's going to confirm. Nurse said my HCG levels came back SUPER high at 37,000 on Wednesday and with the levels being that high, there should've DEFINITELY been a heartbeat at the ultrasound. We already knew that, but it still stings to hear it. Once I get the results back tomorrow, we'll know what the next step is. All of this just really hurts and I can't believe we're back at square one!! UGH! One way or another, we will have our family and thank you to all for holding us up during this sad time. The "Happy Hutchesons" will return as soon as we can! Time really does help! I hate being sad more than anything!! I want a magic wand!! I love you!!

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