Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Next Step...

My numbers are still going up (not by much) and they dont want to start the m/c drugs until they are going down. To expedite this process, they want us to come in for an ultrasound tomorrow at 1:40 to see what's going on. They'll either start the m/c drugs OR setup a D&C bc what's going on inside my uterus might be too far progressed to start the m/c drugs. In essence, we'll know more after the u/s tomorrow...hopefully!! So it's more waiting, but we're used to that by now. I just want this part to be over and move on to feeling normal again...if that's possible!! We love you!


Anonymous said...

Special thoughts of you today. I awoke this morning to the sounds of rain and my first thought was "The heavens are crying too!"
My heart goes out to you. Take your time to grieve. I am so profoundly sorry. I wept when I read what happened. I weep now.
Within your pain I see your strength. Your strength and grace amaze me!
You and David will some day be blessed with a room full of beautiful children.
I got a beautiful balloon today that said "Precious Baby” on it and released it over the rural meadow near us. I tried to take a picture- it was so lovely, but the wind swept it away so quickly that I wasn't able to capture it on film. I couldn't help but think of the symbolism.
Be gentle with yourself and cling to those you love.
I wish I could take some of the pain both from the blood work and the grief from you. I pray for quick progress in all the testing.
You have filled the world with a beautiful shining light, a light which will always shine in the hearts of the people who love you and all your Baby Hutchesons so much.

You and David will have Baby Hutcheson!
Prayers and hugs,
Susan (Gretta’s Mom)

Jessica said...

Oh Kell...my heart goes out to you right now. It must be so hard still knowing you will need to miscarry. I hope that whatever is for the best, happens. You are in my prayers!!

PS I will definitely blog more!