Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another Call from Dr. Maxson

Dr. Maxson called first thing this morning after looking at our results and sees the same thing as Dr. Thompson. He had David and I both on the phone which was very helpful to have 2 sets of ears listening. Basically, he's not holding any hope that a heartbeat will develop because the sac in my uterus is quite large and should have a baby and heartbeat inside of it.

I'm still going to go forward with another u/s & blood test tomorrow to confirm my numbers are dropping then I'll take a drug called Cytotech (sp?) probably next week which will help me naturally miscarry in a faster, safer manner. My body thinks it's still pregnant. We're not going to do the D&C bc there are some risks involved with it such as scar tissue remaining or puncturing the uterus. If for some reason, the Cytotech doesnt work, then we'd have to do a D&C, but the doctors (and D&I) are trying to avoid a D&C bc i've had 2 invasive gynological surgeries and "going in" again can risk future healthy pregnancies.

Then we will both have chromosomal testing to rule out any future serious genetic abnormatlities in David and I. If the tests all come back normal, then it's a higher likelihood that this was a freak thing and will not happen again. This is my first official "miscarriage" as the ectopic pregnancy fell under a different category bc it didnt have a chance to grow normally after being caught in my tube. David and I will probably have the genetic testing next week and it takes 4-6 weeks for the results to return! UGH! So much waiting! From there, we'll meet with Dr. Maxson so he can go over all the genetic testing in detail with us. he has been amazing through all of this and so supportive!

Not surprisingly, we have so many people supporting us through all this! It's so humbling!! We have so many emails that tug at our heartstrings and are so heartfelt! It means so much and helps mend our hearts back together. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts even if we don't respond to your emails. It's hard to know what to say bc we can't even make sense of this ourselves.

We thought this part of our "journey" was over and we were on to bigger and better things and it's shocking to start back at step one. We felt so light and happy knowing that this was behind us and it hurts so much to have this black cloud back in our lives. I know God will never give you more than you can handle and thank God David and I have each other bc we know how to help each other through this and helps unite our bond even more. I know we can handle this. I'm CONVINCED God put David and I together knowing we'd need to have a strong partner in order to navigate this maze together. David has been my rock and soft place to fall at the same time and I think I'm the same for him which is reassuring. We have each other.

We have family.
Amazing family.

We have friends.
Incredible friends.

We have you.
We will have Baby Hutcheson.


Fannie31 said...

I can't believe the courage and strength that you and David have....well, actually I take that back because I CAN! I have witnessed it as the two of you have embarked on this journey to parenthood together! Kelly, I do believe that God has a plan. I am not exactly sure at this moment, what that is....I know that he has a plan for you and David, and the family you WILL one day have! I think I can speak on behalf of many others, when I say we are so lucky to have you in our lives, and so blessed to call the two of you are friends! You are two of the most loving, inspirational, beautiful, and strong people I know! You will continue to be in my prayers! LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Psalm 23. That's what comes to mind on your Journey. God Bless you Both!!!