Saturday, August 04, 2007


Thanks for all of you who shared your similar 'spotting' stories on the blog or via email...they really help a lot! My friend Jess found this article that helped me feel better too! Thanks Jess! Most of them have happy endings like we're praying for!! We'll know more on Friday which can't come soon enough!!!

I've never really been pregnant for a long period of time so maybe spotting is the way my body handles pregnancy!! I never had any spotting/bleeding/cramping with my 2 previous miscarriages so maybe it's good to be different this time! Who the hell knows, but that's what I'm telling myself!!! Hope is always close!!

Btw, the spotting today is lighter than last night, but still there a little bit.

Love you all

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Jessica said...

You are welcome, Kelly!!! :) So glad it helped reassure you that everything is ok!