Saturday, August 04, 2007

Call from Dr.

Called the answering service and they paged the dr. on call at 7am this morning - she called me back right away. (they have 6 doctors at this super clinic) She said spotting is completely normal at this stage as some women spot their whole first trimester, while others don't spot at all.

She said I had "very impressive" HCG levels and very high progesterone levels which indicated a strong pregnancy. She said the spotting could be due to the increased amount of fluid intake I've been doing for the OHSS. She said sometimes the catch 22 is that people with OHSS are usually pregnant and the symptoms interfere with each other. Another possibility is the strong embryos they implanted are burrowing deeper into the uterus and sometimes hit a blood vessel.

She said she is not concerned at all, but would be concerned with bright red bleeding, lots of blood to fill a pad and/or strong abdominal cramping; all of which I've had none of. She said she didnt want to see me today even though I practically begged to drive 2+ hours in for u/s and bloodwork. She said having my u/s on Friday will be fine. She said to empty my bladder whenever it's full and decrease my activity to be safe.

How many times have I written, "She said" in this post!!???...haha

I feel better than I did last night, but not as comfortable as I want to! This scares the shzit out of me, but I guess I have to be patient and closely monitor anything else that happens down there. David feels VERY confident that all is well.

The irnoy of all this is with my 2 previous miscarriages (ectopic and blighted ovum) I had NO spotting, bleeding, cramping and those are the first symptoms to look for! I'm so confused!! I wish I could just sleep until Friday and get all this worrying over with!! Thanks for caring and stressing with us!!! Love you!

She said


Anonymous said...

I had huge bleeding with Nate and thought I had miscarried. I feel your worries...Right here with you chickeeee.

Kelle said...

It's going to be okay. I think you are having a beautiful, normal pregnancy and that baby is just fine. Can't imagine the hurt and fear you felt last night though! So sorry you had to go through that! Praying!

Jessica said...

I had spotting with Eli from like 5-7 weeks, and of course it freaked me out too! Mine was due to my cervix being irritated...which is very common. My sister (Janelle) had spotting/bleeding throughout her first trimester with Zoe. Many times she thought she was m/c'ing (even at my wedding and had to leave early). I know how stressfull or worrisome the first trimester can be...please put your faith in God. Your baby(ies) are doing great and they are in good hands!! Love you & my prayers will continue!! :)

stickybun07 said...

I understand how stressful this must be! I'll just be hoping for no more spotting, and for a beautiful Friday u/s!

thinking of you!

Gretta said...

I also had implantation bleeding with both of my pregnancies. With Emma, I remember telling Micah, I finally got my period, little did I know I was having spotting from Emma! Can't wait til Friday!