Sunday, August 05, 2007

Spotting Update...

LOTS of you are asking how it's going so here's the update. I had the most spotting Friday night (about a tablespoon) when I had that awful night of crying and freaking out before talking to my dr. and finding out it is normal and a good sign of implantation.

Saturday I had about teaspoon (sorry, tmi) amount of spotting in the morning when I was working in my classroom and none since!! I'm SO glad it's not getting worse or turning red. She said to reduce activity so i think working in my classroom might've brought some of it on yesterday so I'm REALLY going to try to take it easy; although that is a tough feat with school opening up next week, but I'm sure going to try.

I'm feeling a lot better today, know it is out of my hands, heard A LOT of reassuring success stories, and think of it as a good sign bc this didnt happen with my m/c's; maybe this is how my body reacts to being pregnant. I also think it has to do with consuming SO MUCH WATER on Friday!! Dr. said it's good to drink a lot of water for the OHSS, but it can sometimes cause spotting bc a full bladder pushes against other organs when it is full. I DO NOT like going to the bathroom for some reason so I sometimes put it off, but not anymore! Never did I think holding it in would cause spotting. I don't know for sure, but it's just a hunch; especially with it decreasing in quantity/frequency.

So we sit and wait until Friday, pray like crazy, and find peace that it is out of our hands, we are pregnant, we are happy, we are loved and we have oodles and oodles to be thankful for no matter what happens! Love you!!


Jessica said...

So glad the spotting has stopped! Thanks for posting an update...I have been thinking about you lots! That explanation from your doctor totally makes sense too. Just 5 more days until you get to see your little one's heart beating away!! :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to remind you I'm thinking of you and waiting with you. Being back at school will make the days seem to go quicker I'm sure. Come on FRIDAY!!!!!! Donna