Friday, August 10, 2007


What a relief! I feel like I just joined Weight Watchers and lost 100 pounds!!! We drove 2 hours to the appt and it felt like a 5 hour drive!! Once we got there, we had to wait another 45+ minutes which felt like 45 hours! Then we finally got in the room and David was pacing the floors while I'm sitting there half naked with paper sheet over me waiting for my destiny to be determined!! I felt like we were going to an execution and they were going to decide once we got there! Once the wand went in, up popped the heartbeat! Beating steady and beautifully! I couldn't believe that was going on inside me!

I looked over at David and we both had eyes FILLED with tears!! I'll never forget that moment when I looked at him!! Dr. said everything looked "PERFECT", "measuring right on schedule" and was the "best possible outcome"!!! Exact quotes! I love that word perfect!!!! We go back in 2 weeks and will hear the heartbeat!

He said the success rate after you see the heartbeat is 90% and then jumps to 95% after you hear the heartbeat!! 90-95% PEOPLE!! We don't get odds like that! When we started all this we were hearing odds like 30-40% success rates for IVF, then 45-50% when they transferred the grade A embryos!! Now they're throwing out 90-95% odds at us! That almost seems foreign!! I know we're not out of the woods, but it sure feels good where we are right now and I'm not going to fast forward to all the different hoops bc we just jumped a MAJOR one today and it was miraculous!!

We love you all and love celebrating every milestone, hoop, hurdle together with you!!!!!!!!


Jessica said...

I am just SO thrilled for you & David...amazing!!! :) You should have seen me at work waiting for your txt msg...I felt like I was in the waiting room with you & had butterflies! I was SO excited to see the good news!!! You are going to be such great parents to your little one! I will continue prayers for a VERY happy & healthy pregnancy! Love ya!!

Mama Bear said...

HOORAY!! Congrats--this is wonderful, wonderful news. :-)

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I'm so happy for you and it's so thrilling that you saw the heartbeat instantly - It's like your little one was saying here I am mom and dad now go celebrate while I grow grow grow!!!! Measuring just right - yay!!! I can't wait till you can hear the heart beat and don't worry the real m/s will be kicking in soon enough-lol! Love ya Donna

linda said...

May you two have many happy milestones in the weeks to come!!!

Anonymous said...

Kelly and David,
CONGRATULATIONS!!!I'm so happy for you both. It's an exciting time, now and in the next few months. I'm sure your both overrun with emotions. I'm just so happy that the heartbeat is strong. Big big smiles and lots of hugs your way. Smiles, Jazzy Janet - VME

baby hansley said...

Congrats...I am so happy for the two of you. This definitely gives me hope for our future IVF in September. I know the two of you have to be on cloud nine. I can't wait to keep reading about all the good things to come. Nicki