Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Friday continued...

So last Friday was a pretty spectactular day. It was our 3rd u/s just over 8 weeks and everything was perfect. It was the least nervous I had been before an u/s, but that's not saying much bc I was almost hurling at the others due to nerves....anyway, we're further along in this pregnancy than we've ever been and overjoyed. When IVF #1 worked and then was stolen from us, I used the analogy of going to a dealership, giving them a lot of money, leaving with a beautiful, shiny car, falling in love with it, but then having to return it 2 weeks later w/o getting our money back. Not saying a child is close to comparison to a car, but you get my drift.

Well, it was a pretty daunting feeling to attempt to go back to that same "dealership" just 4 months later and put down the same money for the same car!! Well, this time we got the car and so far the engine and motor are running great!

The irony in that analogy is that my real car crapped out last week and we had to buy a new one for real. We shopped and bought one last week, but didnt have it in our possession bc they were working on it to make it just right for us. (ie what we haggled for free during negotiations) So right after our u/s, the dealer called and said our new car had been washed, detailed, added a bunch of new accessories and was ready to be picked up. So right after this amazing u/s, we went to the dealership and drove home in my real brand new car.

As we were driving home with that elated feeling in our hearts checking out all the new gadgets, the song "My Wish" by Rascall Flatts came on. That has always been our song to Baby Hutcheson since it came out and is in his/her baby book already!! As I blared it on the brand new speakers, I looked up in the sky to thank God for all of our joy in our hearts in that moment and saw the MOST BEAUTIFUL DOUBLE RAINBOW I think I've ever seen!!

The colors were sharper and darker than any rainbow my eyes have ever witnessed!! The strangest part is that it had not even rained! It was a beautiful day and this rainbow came out of nowhere. I knew right then and there that was my thank you received and my hope and faith piqued in that moment! There is nothing like that peace and contentment in your life! I hope you see your double rainbow today in whatever way it comes through in your life!! Love you all!!!

Next up...u/s this Friday at 9am!! I'll be looking for the pot of gold in that room!!!

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baby hansley said...

Kelly- I am continuing to read your blog everyday also. I am using it as hope for our upcoming procedures. Email me sometime, I would love to chat. Thanks for reading my blog also. Its nice to have a great support system. My email is hansley23@yahoo.com. My prayers continue to be with you and baby hutcheson! Nicki

Anonymous said...

I think I saw my double rainbow today when Stevie was getting ready to run to the bus and stopped in his footsteps to bend down and give his sister a big hug and kiss and said "I love you Gwennie". Sure are some things we see that melt our hearts or happen at the most amazing times!! I'm excited about tomorrow for you and I'm glad this u/s is EARLY!! Love Donna