Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy 8 Weeks!!

I literally feel like baking a cake every Wednesday because that is the day we add a week to our pregnancy and it always sounds so far long!! I can't wait to be _-teen weeks along and out of this ever-so-fragile first trimester!! I'm still not able to fully enjoy this pregnancy like I know a first-time-never-had-a-miscarriage-or-problems-getting-pregnant mom would, but that is because of the pain we've faced in the past and all that went into this pregnancy. That is something infertility robs from their victim. I know that is one of the side effects of infertility, but I'm really trying. I could cry every minute if I thought about it the miracle inside me, but then those tears would go straight to fear and insecurities about this pregnancy.

Many emailed me separately worried if I was ok bc I haven't posted and the last one I left off with was "Big Scare"...that wasn't fair and I'm sorry, but I've been "in the weeds" at work counseling at 2 new schools meeting 100 new people everyday. (kids and adults) I am literally exhausted when I get home and prop my feet up as I heard that gets blood flowing into the uterus. Exhausted, like I shouldn't be driving home exhausted!! I don't know if it's from the pregnancy or from being Kelly, but I like to think it's from Baby Hutcheson!!

Here are some of my symptoms:

*My nausea is on and off and more off than on, which I would reverse in a heartbeat, but it's been pretty consistent around dinner time where I don't want to eat, but force myself to.

*I've gagged a couple of times; especially when I brush my teeth!! Sometimes it's by something said and the other day, I was in the kitchen getting a glass of water and it just happened! Only once, but it was so out of my control, I felt like I was having a seizure!!

*Lower back pain in one spot keeps coming and going. Weird.

*Tenderness in my rump, but that's from D giving me the 20" needle shot every night! Ok, maybe not 20"!

*Exhausted a lot. Would sleep 24 hours if I could.

*Tender and fuller "girls"....itchy too which is odd!

*Gas and constipation. Enough said. (blushing)

*No more bleeding like before which I shouldn't be scared of, but I was. Spotting 1x a day VERY lightly and almost nonexistent. I'm no doctor, but the day of the "scare" with all the red bleeding was the only day I didn't drink a lot of water. I'm just sayin'!

*Very little appetite which is 100% unlike me as I looooooove food with a deep passion!! Dinner time is the hardest.

*Stretching, pulling sensation in my tummy area. Sometimes shooting. Sometimes light cramping, but lasts just a minute or 2. Makes me feel like something wonderful and yummy is going on in there!!

*The scariest symptom of this pregnancy is ..... vulnerability....... I feel it already! I love this baby already so much and can feel it growing everyday, while feeling this urgency to protect it all costs! Someone explained it perfectly on another blog. It's like we've been in jail for 4 years for a crime we didn't commit and we're on probation. We've just been let out of jail and are overjoyed, but worried our probation officer will throw us back in the slammer again. It's a freeing, but frightening feeling.

Our next doctor appt is on Friday at 3:20!!! We'll be 8 weeks 3 days, but who is counting? Since we heard and saw the heartbeat at our last "surprise" ultrasound, we don't need to drive 2+ hours to our next ultrasound! He released us to our regular ob/gyn in Naples!! Now we only have to drive 5+ minutes!!! YAHOO!!!

Also, we're renting a home doppler where you can hear the heartbeat anytime you want, but we can't do that until we're 10 weeks. Oh, look at that?!?!? Another 2 week wait!! Our life has turned into many 2 week waits over and over!! We'll be out of our first trimester on 9/19, but who's counting!!! I'll be off the shots and in my 2nd trimester! What a thought!! I think I'm going to have a party on 9/20! Actually, David is going to see his parents around there because he gives me the shots. I wish I could go, but dont think flying right now is a good idea with it still being so early.

I'll post right away after our appt Friday, I promise! Sorry this one post so long and sorry for the delay in posts and I'll try to be better.

PS Pssst. I have a secret. We take belly pics every week. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. Don't want to jinx us. The probation officer might find out!!

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Anonymous said...

Kelly, I'm glad you posted. Sounds like things are going great! The exhaustion is normal and will end in about a month. I remember days when I got home from work and went right to sleep on the couch for an hour. Can't wait till Friday!! Love ya! Donna