Thursday, August 02, 2007


I have been having trouble breathing lately and it is one of the symptoms of OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome). My breathing is shallow and when I go to take a deep breath, I can't get to the point of relief. My yawns get cut off mid-yawn!! Very frustrating. They think what's happening is my ovaries are still large pushing against my diaphram. I had breathing trouble the week after the transfer then it went away magically. What a relief!! I had a week of no problems and breathing fine.

Now this week, the breathing problems are back. It's weird! It seems like it happened right after my acupuncture appointment on Monday. Could be coincidence or maybe the appt stimulated my ovaries some more. No idea. Anyway, I may have OHSS and dr. ran blood tests to see what they can find. Waiting on those results. My acupuncturist doesn't want to see me until I'm 3 months pg!?? Any other IVFr's out there know if that's customary? I was surprised when she told me that.

I have to drink a bunch of water. Then I have to track how much I drink and then measure how much I pee!! Yes, measure my pee!!!! Eww!! Sorry, TMI, but I feel safe here. Nurse said the baby will take what he/she needs to my detriment. Meaning he/she is first in line and then I come second. That is fine with me!! Somehow I think it'll be the same concept once he/she is born. Haha As long as the baby is fine, then I'm fine! I'll cut off my right arm for his/her safety!! Ok, how about the left arm!? lol. She did say that if results come back with OHSS then they may have to hook me up to an IV to get some relief?!?! WTF?? I just pretended like I didn't hear that part. They'll call me tomorrow with the results and wanna know my pee report. Weird! I'll post when I know more....

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