Thursday, March 29, 2007

Starting Over...

I went to the dr. today and all is well in cooterville! Finally! The D&C worked effectively and my body is almost back to normal. D and I can start trying naturally again once i get a regular period in a few weeks, but doc is nervous about this bc we have such a high risk of having another ectopic. He says he can't tell us not to try, but warns us about the high risk if by chance we get pg naturally, by which our chances are low of that happening as well. We go back to Margate in April to review the extensive testing we had done. From that appt, we'll probably have a better idea of what to do next and when. We may try IVF again this summer or pursue adoption, but we're just not sure what to do. So I did something pretty crazy today! You'll probably think this is crazy, but so did I!!

Here it goes...hold on to your hats and shoes!!

I called a psychic on the radio! I listen to him every Thursday and he's INCREDIBLE!!!! He'll pull things out of nowhere that are RIGHT ON!! He's amazing to listen to!! He's only on from 8-8:30 on 101.9 Country. So I've been trying every Thursday and finally got thru today!!! His name is Greg Keane(sp?) and he's famous in the psychic world even know I dont know ANYTHING about that world!! I figure it's free so why not??

Here's how it went:

DJ: Hi, what's your name?

Kelly: Kelly.

DJ: Where you calling from?

Kelly: (clearing throat from nerves) Uh, Naples.

DJ: Hi Kelly from Naples, how can we help you?

Kelly: I was wondering what you see in our future for having a family?

Greg the Psychic: I see a problem with the female organs and medication that tried to solve that problem recently. Does this make sense?

Kelly: Yes.

Greg: I'm seeing a lot of peace and help with those medications. A good energy. You had a lot of luck with those huh? Does this make sense?

Kelly: Yes.

Greg: I see recently that you went thru something very strong to get pg and it worked. I'm seeing peace with that. But then I'm seeing complications?

Kelly: Yes.

Greg: Where are there twins in your family?

Kelly: My cousin had them thru IVF.

Greg: I'm seeing twins in your future.

Kelly: (gulping hard) Yes, we went thru IVF and then m/c so we're deciding whether to go thru IVF again or adopt.

Greg: I'm seeing that the m/c and treatments helped to get everything ready for your body. I'm seeing that you'll have twins naturally, but dont see anymore m/c in your future! I'm seeing a lot of good energy and peace with you having a baby or 2 together.

Kelly: (passed out on floor from shock of talking to psychic and what he said)

Greg: Hello?

Kelly: (getting up slowly) WOW! Yes, thank you for your help!

DJ: Good Luck Kelly from Naples. And our next caller....

Are your jaws on the floor? So was mine! It was UNREAL! It lasted about 2-3 minutes and was over before I knew it! I felt like a tornado hit me bc he knew so much and if he was guessing, then he's an amazing guesser!!

Hope he didn't look like this....


Anonymous said...

As my boys would say "Holy Moley!"

Joanna De Beers said...

LOL!!! That picture is hysterical! Great story! And, NO you are not crazy!!

Anonymous said...

WOW Kelly. I never believed in Psychics but that is crazy, with him not knowing you before. I went to a psychic before and they were wrong about everything and I paid like 50 dollars for a load of BS. WOW WHat do you think about the possibitly of twins again? Cant wait to read more.