Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Doc Update...

Dr. Thompson was surprised that the bleeding hasn't stopped yet so he's going to start me on the cytotech again! I had a very STRONG reaction to it last time, (tmi to write here) but it helped to clean out my system. He wanted me to start it tonight, but I told him I was going on a field trip to Tampa with some teachers tomorrow and couldn't take the risk of having that reaction again while on the road!! He said I could start the meds tomorrow night so I'd have the "reaction" on Friday when I don't have school.
He drew my blood to make sure my HCG level is zero or close to it. He said I was so high before (51,000) that it'll take awhile to drop to zero, but hopefully it has by now. Technically, if I took a pg test, it would probably come as + if you can believe that one!! Wowsa!!!
I also had an u/s to see what's going on and am waiting on those results. He also wants to start me on an anitbiotic to reduce the risk of infection. I'm about to go back to DSI to have a "redraw" and raise some holy heck about losing my blood! Who loses blood? I feel like I got attacked by a vampire, got away from him and now he's back for more! I need to wear my garlic!! Love you guys!!!!

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