Monday, March 19, 2007

Regular Checkup...oh, not so much!!

So I went in today for a checkup to make sure my levels were dropping on schedule, standard u/s, the cytotech was clearing out my uterus, etc, thinking it was a pretty standard appt. because I've been there almost every other day since the m/c for monitoring, but I got dropped with a bombshell I was not expecting!!

The meds are not working like they should. I have to have a D&C on Thursday!!!!!!! :( :( :( OMG! I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally didnt want to have one and was so thankful I didnt have to go down that road after this m/c nightmare happened on 2/20!! I'll be glad when it's over!

I'm more shocked than anything bc I didnt even think this option was on our radar anymore and there were immediate tears when he told me - sooooo caught off guard!! I thought it was just a routine appointment!! - I'll be "out" for it and it will take place at the day surgery hospital! I hate iv's and i dont like people poking around my uterus bc there can be complications. I asked if I could do a 3rd round of the drugs, but he didnt want to because if it's not doing its job after 2 rounds, then it's pointless to do a 3rd round!!

i didnt think it was even an option at this point, but he dropped the bomb on me this morning!! "it is what it is" tho so we'll have closure after this!! I'll be able to go home the same day, but very groggy - just sucks, but nothing i can do! I'd rather it get cleared out vs remnants leftover and prevent us from future pregnancies!! I should get a regular period a month from Thursday! Thanks for caring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This part will be over soon...hopefully!! (heavy sigh)

PS Has anyone out there had one to tell me what to expect!??


Jessica said...

Oh Kelly! You poor thing...I want this over for you too!!! :( My sister has had 2 D&C's before for her m/c's. She said they were not that bad and bleeding stopped after a few days. I hope it goes easily & quickly for you. Saying prayers for you...

Joanna De Beers said...

Kelly! I am sorry to hear about the surgury! But, I know you will come through fine!

The high fiving in your last posting made me almost brake my monitor! I was so excited!


Anonymous said...

Kelly- I had to have a d&c when I lost my angel Aug 05. They do an iv, and right before you go to the room, they put some "Happy Juice" in and you feel all funny and giggly some even go straight to sleep. I was laughing at teh tiles. Before that I was crying at the endness of my pregnancy. This was really going to be it, though I had already had the baby two days before. They give you a nasal cannula and then some diprovan and you go off to dream land. From there the doctor and techs work their magic ( I have also done plenty of these while in the Navy) and then you wake up in your room. I am praying for you honey. Sorry you have to go through this drama some more. I am here if you need to talk.