Friday, March 02, 2007

Meds are Working!

The m/c meds are working which is a good thing. I dont think I'll have to have a D&C seeing that the meds are working, but I'll have a checkup on Wednesday to make sure everything is cleared out completely. Yesterday was not a fun day as the meds were taking over my body from 11-5ish, but things have calmed down a bit today which is good. I should get a regular period in 4-6 weeks. We're setting up a follow-up appointment with Dr. Maxson in April to go over the chromosomal testing with us, as well as review this IVF cycle and he'll give us advice as what to do next and when. We're saving money now like crazy to do IVF again or pursue adoption depending on what the results tell us and what Maxson thinks. We'll have to be patient with either route we choose. Either way, we'll have a baby who is loved very much by so many!!

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