Wednesday, March 14, 2007


David and I have an appt with Dr. Maxson on 3/22 to go over all of our chromosomal testing and we're very anxious for the results. This appointment took a long time to get bc Maxson is so booked (and goes on a lot of vacations according to a scheduling secretary), but we didnt mind bc the tests take a long time to be run as well. So as a good little patient, I called the lab and Maxson to make sure we're all set for 3/22 and all the paperwork is where it needs to be, etc. Surprise, surprise! There was a glitch!!! Ready for this one!?!?! Hope you're sitting down bc this will knock you over if you're standing.....The lab, DSI LOST MY BLOOD!!! They said it's never happened before and blah, blah, blah!! How do you lose all those vials of blood?????????? Not all of it, but enough to make us reschedule our appt for god knows when and get drawn AGAIN!!! You heard it folks! I'm going back in for more poking!!! That means we have to start all over with the waiting game to get another appointment and wait for more results to come back. Maxson doesn't want to meet with us until all of the tests are in so he can go over each one. There are about 20 tests total we're having done. David and I are going to try to have these tests that were "lost" paid for by DSI. Not sure if that'll be possible, we'll see how many feathers we can ruffle in the meantime.
I have a dr. appt with Dr. Thompson today to see how everything is going. He thought the bleeding would've stopped by last wednesday, but wanted to see me today to make sure it has. It hasn't. :( Not sure what he's going to say about that. We're going on 4 weeks of bleeding when he said it'd last about a week at the most. Weird. I'll keep you posted! Thanks for caring and loving us through all this! This is going to make a great story for Baby Hutcheson(s) one day!! Can you say "made for TV movie"? ha ha


Jessica said...

Oh geez Kelly!! I can't believe they lost your blood!! How the heck does that happen?! I would be so angry if I was you...what a pain! I had bleeding for a really long time with my m/c. Not heavy, mostly spotting...but it went on for a few weeks...thought it would never end, but it finally did.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I love your posts because even when you start off telling us something that made you angry you end with something positive - made for tv went from being pissed off to laughing. I've had sooo many blood tests the last 20 years for my thyroid and they NEVER lost my blood. My sis said maybe for some of the tests they probably used the wrong vials because if you notice there are solutions at the bottom of the vials for certain tests and if the tech uses the wrong one the lab can't use it for the tests...It sure is a good thing you called them. I hope your appt ends up being atleast sometime in April.
Donna : )