Monday, September 22, 2008


Can you believe Lily is already standing? Ok, with a little help! Ok, a lot of help!! Still cute no matter how you slice it!!Photobucket


Her "future self" (props to Emma for this saying) will not believe how small she is in this jumper!!



She loves to kick those little legs when she gets really excited!!

I think I've come down with "Stretchy Heart Syndrome"! It's come on hard and fast and my symptoms are getting stronger by the day. I've looked on WebMD, but there's no known cure. Just when I think my heart is as full as it's going to get as a mom, I'll look at Lily and I can feel the walls of my heart start to stretch like elastic trying to squeeze some more love in an overflowing cup!!

I think she is responsible...


I guess she's not very happy with politics right now...


Heidi said...

LOVE Stretchy Heart Syndrome...i think i have the same thing...same symptoms:)

lily is such a little love. so beautiful and cuddle-able...not a word, but it fits perfectly!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww I don't think I ever saw a pic of her crying before :(! Love her in the jumpy!!
Donna (bbc)

anna said...

I've been thinking about getting one of those jumpers for our babes since they have "bouncy leg syndrome" which makes my arms hurt to keep bouncing them in my lap...this would definitely solve that problem! lily is even cute when she's crying!!!

Jennifer said...

She is SUCH a doll.

Awesome analogy about your stretchy heart...SO TRUE.

I heart her.

Kelle said...

all i have to say felt so good to comfort her today when she was saddies...and to watch her be soothed in my arms and to know she felt like she belonged there. i felt that mommy-of-a-saddy-baby feeling i used to feel when lainey was that little and needed me. love her and can't wait to see her smiley face tomorrow. xoxo

Kelle said...

...and love stretchy heart syndrome. wait till sixteen's so elastic, you have to pick those stretchy walls up off the floor. i'm having a heart-lift 'cuz there's so much stretchy heart skin, it's gettin' baggy.

Steph C said...

I can totally relate to the stretchy heart syndrome! I have it too! You analogies are the BEST! She is just perfect, and so happy! Love her!

dig this chick said...

awe little chicken!