Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hump Day

I can't believe how emotional the last 3 days have been! I feel like I've been back at work for 3 months and not just 3 days! Work itself has been great! I feel SO welcome back at both schools with flowers, balloons, cards, emails, drop ins, etc so I definitely feel the love for sure! It almost feels like my birthday! The kids have been so cute and helping them heals my heart. I just miss Lily so darn much that it literally makes my heart ache. Playing with her after school has been harder than expected too because she's been extra cute reminding me of what I'm missing during the day!

But, the good news is she is happy, active, entertained, thriving, and oh so loved during the day! We knew Kelle would be incredible, but she has exceeded every single expectation we ever had for a caregiver! They go for wagon rides, sing songs, read books, play dress up, pretend Lily is doll, nap, bond and listen to classical music all day! It is such good "energy" when you enter her house. You can almost touch the love in the air. It's a beautiful thing. When I get the 'saddies', my mantra is "Lily is happy. She's with Kelle and Lainey" and I must say that to myself 100 x a day! That peace of mind is priceless!! Priceless, I tell you!

Here's some pictures from "Nanny K" and their recent game of dress up...I can't believe this baby is ours. I say that 200x a day!

Ok, maybe 2,000.

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Life is good. (Just harder some days than others)


Kara said...

These pictures (just like all the others) are OH SO PRECIOUS!!!! I think you're gonna have to get the one with the flower headband blown up to life-size for her room, too!

You are such a great mom and a great counselor! I know the kiddos at both schools are just tickled pink you are were sorely missed! I can't even begin to count the times my little 1st graders would ask for you after you went on maternity leave! They love you as much as you love Lily, I think! :)

Kelle said...

i wish i could cuddle her more, love her more and give her a few more kisses to take away your hurt, but i know it wouldn't help. it's such a deep hurt to miss them, and yet i know time will at least make that hurt not sting as much. ebb and flow, baby. the river of routine will start to flow again. vacation will come, summer will arrive again, and in the meantime, this girl's gettin' so much lovin' your home, in ours, and in so many hearts. all she does is smile all day. xoxo nanny k

Tisha said...

oh good grief her eyes are so beautiful! she's a heartbreaker, for sure! my favorite is the middle, although her expression in the bottom one is just priceless!

you hit the jackpot with lily grace!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have an amazing job and some really great co-workers. That's sweet how they welcomed you back. I hope it gets easier each day. You're so blessed to have such a good friend watch your Lily - someone that truely loves her.

Love, Donna

An Urban Story said...

My wife and I feel so guilty sometimes when its been a "bad" weekend with the twins (not sleeping, fussy, etc) and we are excited about going to work on Monday. Then, when we're at work miss the kids! :)

Justine H said...

I love those pics and OH THOSE BLUE EYES, will Kelle come to my house & take pics of Lola?
Im glad you have a great friend.
Justine & Lola

Justine H said...

I love those pics and OH THOSE BLUE EYES, will Kelle come to my house & take pics of Lola?
Im glad you have a great friend.
Justine & Lola

Steph C said...

Ah Kelly I really can't imagine how hard it is to leave you angel. You are an amazing mother and have helped me so much with skye. She is truly in the best place ever with Nanny K! I know it is still the hardest thing EVER but she is so happy and loved with K and Lainey. xoxoxo

Jessica said...

What adorable pictures!! You are so blessed to have Kelle watch Lily...I am sure it makes it so much easier!! :) Sounds like she is in great hands!

HUGS to you though! You almost survived your first week...TGIF!

Heidi said...

these pics are amazing...can't stop staring at the last one. she is so perfect. perfect heart, face, smile,...

nanny k is amazing. knowing she is so loved and cared for is priceless. truly priceless.


Me said...

Gorgeous eyes!