Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Is this what it would look like if Lily had a twin sister?Photobucket

they'd even have matching hemangiomas under their eyes...look at the symmetry!!


This is my favorite face Lily makes! She talks so much with her invisible eyebrows and adorable forehead!! I melt when I see her do this...

And this outfit has special meaning too! While trying to conceive, I never wanted to ginx myself by buying a lot of baby clothes so I just bought a prayer bear that now hangs on her crib and plays a prayer each night before bed. I also bought this outfit. It was unisex and I thought the bear on the bum was just too cute!! The prayer bear and this outfit hung in our bedroom for 4 years and were a constant, subtle reminder of what our future held if we were patient. Now we get to see our miracle in it...


and she just learned how to do rasberries...

She also reaching out and touch things while trying to pull everything into her mouth. I know this is very common and every baby eventually does it, but it's so strange when she does iIt's so exciting to see her transform into more of her future self everyday.

She also likes to talk to her special ladybug friend.


And the girl LOVES to be swaddled! And I mean L-O-V-E!! Especially by the miracle blanket. No matter how tired she is at night, she immediately open mouth smiles from ear to ear when she sees the swaddle. When I get her in the morning, this is how I find her! She goes to bed smiling and wakes up smiling. This picture has not been doctored or edited to protect the innocent. tee hee


I wrote this post and saved it as a draft on 8/20 so the pictures/events are a little old, but still a snapshot into our lives. It's oh so rich because she is in it. It's been almost 6 months and I can barely remember life without her. She's such a natural part of our lives now. She makes us laugh and AOL (aww out loud) everyday with her emerging personality.

I'm trying to keep you up to date on the blog, but finding time is much harder these days. I'm usually playing with Lily when she's awake and trying to catch up on the daily grind stuff when she's asleep. I'm still trying to find the balance in the working mom thing and it's hard. This weekend was great having unlimited, uninterrupted time with Lily and D, but a pit in my tummy started to form on Sunday knowing I had to throw all those balls back up in the air for the week and keep everyone, including myself, happy! I had a little bit of momentum in the latter part of last week, but feel like I'm starting all over trying to get my "mojo" up and running again. All this new stress is effecting my milk supply a bit so I'm trying to get that under control too.

No matter how hard things get or feel, I keep reminding myself that Lily is here, she's healthy, she's happy, and she is my reason for living each day to the fullest, trying to be the best role model possible for her! I keep pinching myself, not believing that I get to spend everyday with her for the next 18 years; And beyond if I let her go to college. ha ha. I love everything about her and can't believe there's more to come. I'm fulfilled already! She's a pretty nice, cool, & chill chick so I think this is going to be the best ride ever!! We are so blessed!!

Life is good!


Anonymous said...

Awww I LOVE the rasberry pic!! It is so amazing watching them grow and seeing their personalities come out - my little bugs still amaze me each day. Hugs to your sweet little angel!

Donna (bbc)

Tisha said...

Her sweet expressive face is just adorable! It's amazing to watch this miracle baby grow.

The swaddle pic makes me laugh, she's just so happy to be snuggled.

Allison said...

Aunt Kelly you oght to bring that little outfit with the bear on the butt when u come to SC!!!!! I want to see her in it in person!!! She is adorable!!! I love the one where she has her tounge out that is the cutest one!!!!

Kelle said...

I've been waiting for that swaddle picture! I didn't believe you all this time you said she loved it! Look at that smile!!! And love the one of David holding her in the teddy-bootie outfit. The invisible eyebrows...oh, lainey had them too and they are SO cute!!! xoxo

Kelle said...

I've been waiting for that swaddle picture! I didn't believe you all this time you said she loved it! Look at that smile!!! And love the one of David holding her in the teddy-bootie outfit. The invisible eyebrows...oh, lainey had them too and they are SO cute!!! xoxo

Kara said...


It was so good to see you today! Hold tight to these days...before long she'll be spouting off her alphabet and telling you all about the first day of school! It's absolutely amazing! :)

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Had to peek at the swaddle pic again - I am so clueless about swaddling since my babies would never go for it and I thought it was just a newborn thing till I read some of your and Jess's posts but Lily sure seems to be happy in that pic not like she's struggling to get out of a straight jacket like Chris Angel lol - looks like a little butterfly about to pop out of her cacoon lol - soooo cute!
Donna bbc

Jennifer said...

Holy CRAP, Kelly.

Speechless after reading.

In awe after looking at her.

One coherent thought...

-I remember that teddy bear face hanging in your room...FOR SO LONG....and every time I let myself look at it, it made me literally ACHE with what you didn't yet have, for what you were working so hard for, for what you deserved...and for what I KNEW you were meant to be...a MOMMY.

I hoped SO much for you, begged God even...and I wondered when you would ever fill that little teddy bear face with a real live "heart outside your body walking around" little soul to love.

And now she is here.

Her cute little butt fills that teddy bear face.

That picture needs to be in poster size.

Maybe even on my wall, too.

God is GOOD.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steph C said...

Ah Kelly my hurt does ache for you! I know how much you appreciate that she is here and perfect but it still SUCKS that you have to go to work when is where you want to be everyday is with her:) I am sorry about your milk supply I didn't know that was happening:( I love you and I am here for you and I love how positive you are! Miss you and miss Lily!

jen said...

hi there!
it's hard to juggle everything isn't it?

patience will help you through everything...and evidence shows that you have plenty of it! it gets better and easier. i promise.

fenugreek. i used it when my supply started decreasing when i went back to work. doubled my supply, i swear.

good luck! i know you don't know me...but let me know if you need anything!

Heidi said...

oh my goodness. these pictures are precious...lily is soooo precious and such a gift from god. she brightens our day, even when we haven't seen her, simply because she is here. She is here making you and david and the rest of your 'herd' soooo happy and so complete. not to mention friends who love lil lil like they are their own...who could that be?? LOL

she is a little angel sent to my friend...a person who deserved motherhood and and her every wish answered when lily came home!

love you, love lily, love the bear bum outfit and all it means to you and david.