Friday, July 11, 2008

This Time Last Year...7/11

What a difference a year makes! Lily was conceived in a petri dish this time last year...we didn't know it then, but our lives were about to be changed in a magical, awe-inspiring way! She was implanted in my tummy 3 days later on 7/14 and we haven't been apart since!! Incredible!! Happy conception day Lily Pie! We are better people for having you in our lives.

To read the rest of the posts from July 2007, click here... it's really amazing what a difference a year makes!! I barely recognize this person writing these posts!

The pain of all we went through to get Lily is gone, but there's always a scar there to remind me that used to bring me shame and sadness when it was an open wound, but now I admire the scar left behind with pride.! She was worth every shot, doctor appointment, dollar saved, dollar spent, all the 50+ negative pg-cy tests, all the heartbreak, every tear shed because all of that pain brought us to her.




We are a stronger family because we went through it together. I wouldn't change a thing!

Life is good!

I'll leave this with you made by the talented Kelle which played at our family shower for Lily ......


Unknown said...

WOW! This post brought years to my eyes! She is such am amazing gift from God! Love these pics, she's so beautiful! :o)

donna said...

love, love,love that video! you gauys are amazing!kell you make being a mom look so awsome!! Keep it up because you glow!

donna said...

sorry trying to type in the car, crammed in the 3rd row back seat so excuse the spelling on the previous comment! 7 hrs to go!

Jennifer said... a puddle of happy tears watching that slide show again.

This entire year has been a miracle. We have been so blessed, and I feel incredibly thankful.

I love you and I love our Lily SO MUCH!!!

Heidi said...

Kelly, WOW that was beautiful. Happy conception day!!!!

We love you so much Lily. You are a miracle, a true gift from the angels above.

K-I love how happy you is very peaceful, content. Love you.

*slideshow never fails to produce is like being on a roller coaster ride that i don't want to end:)

Samantha said...

She is a gift from God. Last year he gave his angel to you. Love her and love the videos!

dig this chick said...

Oh your sweet girl! I didn't "know" you before you were pregnant but in traveling back a year just now, it is amazing where you are now. So happy for you and for Lily having such thoughtful, patient and loving parents. She is beautiful.

Also, I can never see all of these incredible thingies on photodex no matter how many plug ins I install and I am going nuts. help.