Monday, July 07, 2008

Lily's 1st 4th :)

Lily's first 4th of July was wonderful! We took her to the beach, watched sunset and enjoyed fireworks by the pier. She was awake during the fireworks, but didn't seem mesmerized by them like I thought she would be. She was busy looking everywhere, but in the sky! Photobucket

This special holiday was also fell on her 3 month birthday!!

I love this smile...

and this smile too...

oh and there's also this one...

and this one...

don't forget about this one...

happy times at the beach....

uh oh! We have a code 9-8-3-2 problem with the photo shoot...someone turned off the lights!!


What a beautiful sight....

Even her shoes were patriotic....

Cousins having fun together....Lily can't wait to join them someday soon! Love the train!!

Playing with Daddy! Love this backdrop! Good idea Jen!

She's so content on Daddy's shoulder. I think she likes being up high. She also will be featured on "America's Got Talent" because she can put her WHOLE fist in her mouth at once!!

Sissies enjoying this weather at the water park!

I think she's tired of the 3 month photo shoot....

But this shot takes the cake!!! You won't believe this picture! She was cooing, kicking and flailing her arms during the photo shoot. I just happened to catch her "mid-flail" and she turned out looking just like a doll. Like the kind of doll you'd find at Target sitting on the shelf. Except this one is priceless.....


On another case you missed it on the last post, the famous Kelle Hampton that I always brag about and show off her work on this blog is going public!! I know most of you feel like you know her because she's mentioned on this blog so much, but now you can have your very own photo shoot with her and her amazing talent! There is no one like her. Truly!! I told her I want to get her DNA checked because she's ultra-human with her talents!! Sign up now!


Heidi said...

OH MY GOODNESS Kelly Hutcheson-

The Lily "doll" pic is priceless just like she is, but if she were a real doll like you find at Target, i would buy her...that is how beautiful she is.

LOVE the fist pic, the sky backdrop pic, ALL of the 3 month pics, cousins pics-All of them:)
Happy 4th. Love yas all:)

Mary said...

These pictures are AMAZING!!!! Her smile could melt a snowball. What a great day. She has so many "firsts" coming up! It is so blasted exciting. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!


Samantha said...

I can't believe the picture where she looks like a doll. It is so crazy!!!! I wish she was so I could have a Lily pie of my very own. Love her!

Steph C said...

She is unreal! I love the pictures how fun and what a wonderful forth of July! Everything is more fun with your angel:)

dig this chick said...

Oh Holy shit your girl. She is amazing. A good thing to look at before I go to bed. Good Night sweet Lily. (sometimes she looks like Margot to me). xo from Montana

Tisha said...

She's getting so big! The lily doll is THE CUTEST baby doll I've ever seen! And Lily in Purple, I think purple may be her color! Love your 4th of July family picture, so much love and joy!

Carin said...

DARLING! Oh, I want to meet her in person! What a fun fourth of july!

How nice of you to help Kelle advertise...yes, she is amazing. kind of like an american idol. :o)

Kelle said...

OMG!! Your MOM LEFT A COMMENT!!! Way to go, Mary! Thank you for props, girl!! You are so sweet! 10% cut, man...that's what you'll get! Ha!
The doll picture is a riot!!! I keep looking at it...OMG!!! Mattel is gunna wanna reproduce her!!! Tell them to talk to Dr. Maxson! Ha!

Jessica said...

These pictures are amazing!! So cute and I love the family picture of you guys! We do not have one picture of Quinn, myself & our boys together...we do not even have one of just Quinn, myself & Eli! How bad is that?! Since I am the camera person, I never even think about it...but your pictures are making me realize that we better do that soon! :)

Oh and my favorite picture is the one of her looking like a baby adorable!!!

You are so blessed and I love watching you through your blog as a mother...I can't believe we have known eachother now for almost 4 years now! Wow!!

Kara said...

I love these pictures (and all the rest, too) - so precious! What's even more precious is that she's finally here and your dreams fimally came true! I don't have to wish you a great summer - I KNOW you are having the best summer of your life (so far)!!! LOL!

On a side note, I finally got inspired to do my own blogspot! You have to tell me how to fix the header to include pics!

Talk to you soon!

Holly Tried It said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I love all your photographs. Keep on bragging about your baby.

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