Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cozy Day

Here's a video of Lily just being Lily! It was a rainy day so we ventured outside only to get caught in it (it was a comedy of errors) so we made it a cozy indoors-y day. This clip is only 4 minutes, but I could watch her for 4 hours!!

If you've never seen Kelle's camera, here it is in action...she is constantly snapping!! I think Lily sees the black lens more than she sees Kelle's face!! I think the camera is bigger than Lily!! (pulling out tape measure)

Here are some pictures taken with that gi-normous camera that Kelle posted on her blog a few weeks ago in case you missed it...too cute for words!! Maybe I'm just biased!!





Rayna said...

I totally think the camera is bigger than Lily, LOL! I miss you girls and I cannot believe how much she has changed since those last posted on Kelle's blog. Can't wait to see you both.

Jennifer said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE hearing her sweet little voice!!!

Allison said...

On my Faith Freaks I put like 20 pics of Lily!!!! I sent u an invite too. u have to get one!!!!!

sara said...

What gorgeous photos! She photographs so beautifully! I love the fact that my pregnancy date coincided with an important date for your family as well - how cool to know!

Heidi said...

BRILLIANT photos...
FYI: this is my new tag line...i say it non-stop...somebody stop me!!!

Heidi said...

HAHAHAHAH KElly-it looked like you were hanging from the ceiling fan, you look so high above lily-cracking me up.

She is say HI!!! So her little grin that turns into a big giggle!!!!! she is sooo beautiful!!! xoxoxoxoxo