Saturday, July 12, 2008


Lily is quite the chatterbox lately! I love hearing her sweet little voice!! Her 'future self' (props to Emma for this term) will love to watch these someday.

Let me know if the videos work. (crossing fingers and toes)

A BIG congratulations to Stephanie and Joe who welcomed the beautiful Skye Rose into the world on Thursday!! Click here to see their little cutie patootie!!


Samantha said...

Thank-you thank-you thank-you for posting those amazing videos. They made my night. I could watch them all day long. She is so adorable and David is so cute talking to her. Love it!

Kelle said...

BIG SMILES!!! This just happened overnight! I night she woke up and was talking up a storm! LOVE these...could watch them all day. She's a love...and I love her so much!

Carin said...

oh, I am smiling! doesn't every stage just get better and better? there is nothing sweeter than little baby coohs! I remember being awakened in the early morning by those sounds! THE BOMB!!

Kelly Hutcheson said...

I listened to her first on my phone and was blown away! But to see her while she talks to you is so touching:))) Beautiful moments!!

Anonymous said...

Can we say, "OMGsh"!!!!!!

I haven't seen her in action before!

The video of you talking to her was SO CUTE!
She really seems to listen to you too. Take advantage, this would be a good time to discuss the birds and the bees and get that conversation out of the way! HA! Just joken!