Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Mom and sissies went away to the Hyatt this weekend to celebrate Jen's birthday. We had a great time!! I missed Lily like crazy, especially when I saw babies Lily's age frolicking in the water laughing and kicking away. David and I are taking her there in August so I'm sure she'll have a blast!!

Happy birthday Jenny Girl...hope you felt as special as you are to anyone who knows you and is lucky enough to know your heart!!

Cheers to our Jennifer...

We were lucky enough to get the TOP FLOOR of the hotel! As in the 18th floor! When we went to the elevator, we had one choice and that was down only!!

David had so much fun bonding with Lily and it was so cute to hear all his stories of his one on one time with her. Here's one of him planning a phone call to mom. lol.


Jennifer said...

It was the best birthday weekend...surrounded by the warmth of family, smiles, familiarity, and "safe space" to talk about anything and everything.

Thank you to Mom, Dad, Molly, and Kelly for treating me to a memory-making weekend, and my new camera lens. I love it so MUCH! Thank you!!!

I am so lucky. I mean, seriously. Feeling very grateful for my family. I love you all so much!!

Jessica said...

Look likes you had a great time with your mom and sisters!! How nice!! :) My mom & my sisters should do something fun like that sometime. A break from the kiddos!

I know you missed Lily a ton though...you are brave!

Samantha said...

So much fun. I love how you and your sisters always make time for each other and have these fun little trips. I am sure it was so hard to be away from Lily but so worth it at the same time!

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT weekend! We are very lucky to have each other. Not only do we love each other because we are family, we truly like each other. You guys are the best!!!

Love you!

Kelle said...

so, listening to david and lily "chat" is my new favorite thing. love the top picture of the four of you. three daughters....big sigh. so glad you were able to have fun and be with family and know that lily was perfectly fine! love you. i miss the hyatt.

donna said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I really hope that is me and my girls someday and I want them to have awsome husbands who encourage them to nuture these relationships! You guys are such a neat family!
P.S. first time I have ever thought about my someday sons-in-law! HAHA!

dig this chick said...

I love this video! Hilarious to listen to our men with our girls, no? Your man and your girl are especially charming in this video.

Her noises are so like Margot's.

Amanda, Ben and Harper said...

Adorable video. She's going to be a talker!
Good luck with the shots. My little guy didn't even cry until the last one (of four). I opt not for "pretreating" the pain with Tylenol (I am neurotic about pretty much anything that goes into or touches my child).
I think if you play it cool, your little one will, too.
She's precious!