Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here's a picture for you all to enjoy. It's from the cell phone so it's not super clear, but it sure was on the monitor!! We're usually measuring 3-4 days behind, but today we were right on target! Measuring 13 weeks 1 day and that is exactly how far along we are!! They said the dates and the measurements never match so we got lucky today. Heartbeat was strong and beating away!

Doc said we're "out of the woods", but I am at a higher risk for an "incompetent cervix" because I had a LEEP a few years ago where he took a chunk of my cervix bc it had precancerous cells on it. He said they need to monitor me closely between 16-22 weeks to make sure my cervix isn't weakening with the weight of the baby and they may need to suture me up to prevent any risk. Some upsetting news was that he doesn't recommend me flying to one of my best friend's wedding in November bc I'll be in the middle of that risky cervix time and he doesn't want me that far away. That bums me out!! So it was kind of a bitter sweet appt in that way. He said if they monitor it closely, they should be able to take care of it in advance, but need to keep an eye on it.

I got home and my mom had left a secret present under my bed and David had it sitting out when we got home. It was an adorable outfit and an inspiring book called "100 Promises to My Child" I can't wait to read it and be inspired!! So very thoughtful!! I'll try to find the book online to share!!

Telling my bosses tomorrow! I'm nervous for some reason even tho I know they'll be overjoyed! Still feels foreign to say it out loud!! I may park in "expectant mother parking" this weekend if I'm really feeling crazy!!

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baby hansley said...

Im so glad that everything went well. It must be so exciting to finally be able to tell the world. We start shots on Monday. Can't believe that it is already here. Nicki

Anonymous said...

Yay for a great u/s! I kept thinking it was today for some reason - Stevie's bday threw me off lol! Don't worry too much about if they have to suture your cervix - I watch "A Baby Story" and that's common - mainly with multiples. Donna