Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fight with the Ultrasound Tech....

Mrs. Stroup (my hs creative writing teacher) always said to have a good title to "HOOK" your audience so I bet that one did!! Ok, maybe it wasn't an actual fight where we were rolling around the floor pulling hair, screaming, grabbing lab coats while David was moving sharp objects out of our way, but I wanted to take her down. In a big way. She told us her policy about determining the sex and I found it extremely troubling....

Ready for this?

Are you sitting down?

I hope you are since you're at the computer.


My u/s tech told us she won't even GUESS or make any predictions at the sex of the baby until (deep breath) 20 WEEKS!! OMG! WTF!? (coughing, gasping for air) I've had friends find out as early as 15.5 weeks!! I'll be getting weekly checkups from 16-22 weeks to measure my cervix so that'll be TORTURE! Does she like taunting new parents who have waiting 100 years to have a baby?? I wonder if she takes bribes? If so, I'll start a fundraiser stat! OMG! I was on the fence about finding out (D really wants to know), but now I'm going to hunt her down like a stalker gone bad!!

On a happier note, since I have to fill the time until 20 weeks which is like 2010, I have some AMAZING books that I can't put down!! One will make you laugh and the other will make you cry!! These gifts were waiting for us after our appt on Thursday when we were officially out of the woods and had the doctor's blessing to tell the world.

From Jen along with a card I read out loud that cracked my voice and watered David's eyes and that's hard to do!! She also gave us 2 baby board books, "Guess How Much I Love You" and "Mommy Loves Me" with powerful inscriptions in each book. I don't know how I'll read either of those books without crying every time!!

Mom gave us this book called "100 Promises to My Baby" and an adorable outfit that I can't imagine our baby in one day! More cards, more inscriptions, more tears!! Oh my humbling and inspiring!! It's amazing to have family and friends who you'd think were the ones pg from how happy they are for us!! lol. The title of this book is as inspiring as the contents!! Looks like I better warm up my fingers for all the "pinky promises" I need to make. I think we're both up to the challenge! We've been making these promises while TTC (trying to conceive) so it's nice to have it writing for us!!

BIG STEP!! I borrowed Kelle's bin of maternity clothes!! She's offered it to me since TTC and especially since I've been pg. I've been afraid to accept, but feel I need to get over the jinxing police finding my house bc I think they're off my trail!! I'm in the awkward stage where people probably think I'm a little "thicker" than usual, (hate the word "fat)) but not big enough for maternity clothes so Kelle's clothes are perfect!! She gave me lots of staples for all stages and she's as stylish as they come so I may look cute during this pg-cy and not like a big tent walking around looking for the next circus show!!!
On another note, I work at 2 schools this year and Jen and I share one of the same schools which is super cool. My niece Katie is there too in 3rd grade which is even cooler!! Anyway, Jen sent this email (with my permission) to the staff on Friday. After it was out there, I felt like I was walking around the school naked with my secret exposed. I have to tell my other school on Tuesday and then I'll be officially "out"! Wowsa!!. Scary and freeing at the same time!!

Question: Why is Mrs. Hutcheson so happy on the VME morning news?
Answer: Because she has a very, VERY good reason...It is with a happy
heart that I'd like to share with you that my sister, Kelly Hutcheson,
is glowing because she is pregnant!!
Aunt Jennifer

We're humbled and in awe by the love we have received! There are no words!!

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