Friday, September 07, 2007

Letter from Mom....

I just got this from my mom....too beautiful not to post!! We're so blessed to have friends and family there for every step of the way without judgements or advice....

Have an u/s at 3:30 today...butterflies are starting to fly! I'll post to the blog from my cell phone immediately afterwards. It's amazing what technology can do!!! Without further ado...


I feel like you guys have climbed a very tall, steeply inclined, rugged mountain, with lots of loose rock where, you think you have solid ground, but all of a sudden a chunk of earth falls away and you tumble a long way.
You get up, dust yourself off, take a swig of water, check your equipment to make sure you have all the proper tools and start moving forward again. Continually striving for that ray of sunshine that you will be able to see when you are on the top of the mountain. Until then, the mountain shades your side and you long for the sun on your face.

Amazingly, this part of the mountain that you have arrived at now is made of flatter surfaces and surer footing. And it looks like this path onward and upward seems to be free of any big boulders or crumbling ground. As in all life there are no guarantees, but with each step, your confidence grows with belief that that ray of sunshine will be shining on you very soon and warming your heart.

And what a amazing accomplishment that you two will have achieved at the top. Rolling with the obstacles but never losing sight of that goal.

And to think that this person, and the wonderful, fantastic person she married, pushing forward so tenaciously, is my daughter and husband, just humbles me with respect for you.

It is a beautiful thing.



Anonymous said...

oh my watering eyes. Now I see where you and your sisters get your poetic wording of everything. That is beautiful and I feel the that mommmy.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and loving letter. I wish I had a mom like that - I'm so jealous.

Anonymous said...

forgot to put my name - whoops I really need to register already.