Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New OB Appt...

I had my "new OB" appt today and it was super thorough!! They asked a ton of questions, ran a bunch of tests, and even tried the doppler on me. Small scare bc her doppler couldn't hear the heartbeat so they said they'd do an u/s. I didn't mind and wasn't super worried bc I just heard it last night at home, but I had to wait forever bc I was unscheduled and mind games started to take over while I was waiting!! Anyway, this is my SIXTH u/s and I'm only 11 weeks so I can't complain! Everything looks perfect! Heartbeat is 162 BPM which they love and I do too!!

It was nice to peek at Baby H another time before the dry spell that I knew was coming up....they told me my next appt is in

(taking deep breath)



I almost passed out! And they're not even sure if I'll have another u/s!! WOAH! I might have to beg, plead and do whatever I need to to talk them into it!! I don't know what I would do without my home doppler!!! I'm going to go try it now to see if I can hear the heartbeat! Maybe my machine is better. Doc said she'd be embarrassed if mine was so we'll see. So my next appt is on 10/10 at 3:10...ironic that this date (10/10)was our due date from our last pregnancy in January. Bitter sweet.

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