Saturday, September 01, 2007

Friday's u/s...more details...

Sorry my last post was so abrupt, but I didnt have any time and wanted to post the good news so no one would worry. Like I was!

So the spotting has been pretty consistent and everyday. It's always brown and was starting to decrease. No worries. Until Friday morning. I woke up Friday morning with more red blood than usual! I freaked. Again. My morning sickness at night also has pretty much disappeared the last few days so I was freaking out with the blood like it was confirmation of my fears. Luckily, we had a planned u/s 3 hours later!

They said everything looks great and I still have that sac of fluid in my uterus that is shrinking; some is being absorbed back into the body while some needs to leave through gravity. Either way, it's normal, harmless and not effecting the baby!! PHEW! PHEW! and TRIPLE PHEW!

She said I'm measuring at 8 weeks 6 days when my calendar says 9 weeks 2 days, but she said the discrepancy is a margin of error for her and well within and totally normal and nothing to worry about!! She said feeling nauseous comes and goes, and sometimes starts to subside ins ome while worsening in others. She said feeling sick is not an indication of a stronger pregnancy than someone who feels normal. It just means how your body reacts to the hormones and everyone is different. I made her repeat that about 150 times!!

When she first put in the u/s wand, she was SILENT!! Like we could hear a pin drop! A very small pin. I looked at David with worried eyes and mouthed "that's not good"....after about 15-30 seconds of silence with me too afraid to ask if everything was ok bc I was scared of the answer, she says....

(sing songy voice) "There's your baby!"

I say: (whiny, cracky about to cry voice) "Is it ok?"

She says: "Oh heavens yes!"

I say (still whiney) "But you were so quiet"

She says: "Oh I'm sorry honey! I was concentrating! I saw the heartbeat right away and thought you did too? Look, honey, (rubbing my calves in support), it's beating away right there"

I say: (exhaling all oxygen in room) "omg, it's amazing. I wish I was an expert like you"

After that, she did my favorite part where she blared the speakers and we heard the most beautiful sound! The heartbeat. It was so strong, you'd think there were 5 babies in there! Galloping horses is an understatement!! She said it was beating 182 beats. per. minute.!!!! Take that in for a minute. 182 beats per minute. Meaning an average of 3 heartbeats per second!!!!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! Average is anything 120-180 so we were overjoyed!! Our first heartbeat was 115 early on, then 158 and now this! So everything is progressing QUITE WELL and they have no concerns!!! That's what I'm talkin' about!!!!!!

My regular ob has been out of town so we've been going to the physician's assistant which is new to us. We always see Dr. T!! She goes to schedule my next appointment and mentions something like 3 weeks away!! Well, since I've turned into an u/s junkie and since my home doppler probably wont work right now, I insisted on another u/s next week!! I used my history and m/c's as justification. She kinda himmed and hawwed, but saw I wasnt really backing down so she agreed to another u/s next week. Victory!

After that, I'm hoping the home doppler will work and carry us out of this fragile first trimester!! Next up...u/s next Friday!!! This u/s addict in me feels ok now, but know I'll start getting the shakes by Wednesday and will need my next u/s fix!!

I also rented the home doppler and it's on its way too!! It should work in a week or 2 from what I've heard from friends who've used it too. We'll be out of the first trimester on 9/19!! or 9/22 based on her measurements - not sure which she goes by. Am I out of the first trimester when week 12 starts or at the end of that week? Then it would be 9/26!! Argh! So glad September is FINALLY here tho!! We're almost there.

I'm starting to enjoy being pg a little more, but still slightly terrified and in disbelief and hope it changes after the first trimester!! This parenting is tough stuff! I dont know how my parents did it for 3 kids!!??? I'm emotionally spent already! Imagine when he/she starts driving! Oy vey!!!!!

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