Thursday, December 07, 2006

Telling My 2nd Family!!

I'm telling everyone at school and it's neat to hear all the well wishes, prayers, etc. I'm so lucky to work at a school where the people here are like family! They all rally around good news and it's like they're going through it as well. I never feel alone!! I like that I have a month of BCP to let this all sink in and start off the new year with a bang!! The nurse at school says she can give shots to me if David is out of town....oh, the shots!! My brain can't wrap around that yet, but I have time still. Thanks for caring!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly and Big D,
Ali, Gavin, Drew and I love and support you both through this very exciting journey! We appreciate you including us every step of the way. We just can't wait to meet Baby Hutcheson!
Colleen Steel