Monday, December 11, 2006


My Friend Kelle just wrote us this congratulations email about making this decision - she has a way of writing just how we're feeling!!

Kelly, David, and Baby Hutcheson,
So, I guess they don't make cards that say "Congratulations on your courageous decision to do invitro"...I looked, and they don't. But, Hallmark is pretty smart because there really are not words that a 4x6 piece of paper could contain to express the emotion that your decision involves.

First of all, it's take on the amazing feat that is accept the emotional, physical, financial and psychological journey that is no doubt in store for you.
Second, it is put yourselves through pain for the sake of the loved little baby that is in store for you.
Finally, it is much beautiful hope for a celebration that I know is eventually at the end of this road regardless of how long it is. My heart is happy for the hope that must be burning inside both of you right now...hope feels so good, doesn't it??!!!
It's like Christmas Eve and you know Santa is're not sure what house he's visiting at that moment or how many houses are along the way between where he is and where you are, but you know he's coming to your house can just feel it.
My heart is also happy for the relief you must "just do it" as Nike says...take the leap and know that it is for the better. What an exciting time! Some babies start out in cribs...some in mangers...some in petri dishes...but the best begin in the hearts of their mommies and daddies! Congratulations on The Amazing Race you are about to begin...may the hope of this beautiful dream carry you through to the Amazing Finish Line! Hip Hip Hurray for Baby Hutcheson!
Kelle Hampton

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