Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'm Going to Be On What? BIRTH CONTROL??????????

It's a done, done deal! We're doing IVF!!!! After 3 years of trying to conceive, I am now taking birth control(BC)?? It's funny to think that's what they do to start the IVF process, but it's to suppress my hormones to start with a clean slate when the injections begin. I'm on BC for a month and then I'll start the big scary shots on 1/4/07! Oh, those injections! I'm so terrified of needles and the idea that my sweet hubbie is going to puncture my skin with a needle is more than I can wrap my brain around!! OMG! 1-4-07!!! That seems like right around the corner, but we're just taking day by day. I keep thinking of Baby Hutcheson and it makes any mental pain DISAPPEAR and well worth it!!

I got good news from Dr. Maxson's office today that a lot (not all) of the monitoring can be done here in Naples about 5 minutes away from our house!! Better than a 120 minute drive to his office every other day which will probably be what is needed. I'm going to talk to Dr. Chapman tomorrow about all this and I know she'll be SO incredibly supportive bc she already knows we're seriously considering this so now she'll know we're committed

David called his parents and told them the big news last night and I'm starting to tell my friends and everyone is just soooooo incredibly supportive! We're both so humbled by all of this!! We are so blessed in so many ways to have all of these people holding us up through this "journey". I hope everyone can hold Baby Hutcheson(s) in their arms to be rewarded for all their love and support!!

Here's a great site that explains the steps in IVF:

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