Tuesday, December 19, 2006


My friend Judi Eber saw Howie Mandel this weekend at her hubbie's christmas party where he did standup and did everything in her power to get Howie this letter!! Well, she was successful!! She got it to his head security guard and he promised Howie would read this letter!!!! Can you imagine??
THANKS TO JUDI for doing this for Baby Hutcheson! And thanks to Kelle for helping with the incredible writing!!

Dear Handsome Howie,

They say money doesn't buy happiness, but you haven't heard my story. No, I don't want a house. I don't want a car or a fancy wardrobe of even a trip to a far-off island. I know that happiness does not reside in temporal things, and I've learned through the experiences in my life that true happiness comes from the people you love.

How does money factor into this? In my situation, money can buy the person I love...the dream and hope of a baby my husband and I have longed to have in our arms for years, but we can't.

I have been a school counselor and teacher for 11 years and have helped so many children, but in the back of my mind, I’ve always been hurting for my own. I know you get so much joy from your 3 children and my husband and I want to share in that same magic. We are going through In Vitro Fertilization, but need to “make a deal” with you to help pay for the endless doctor visits, medicine and cost of In Vitro Fertilization that insurance does not cover one penny.

I have been a fan of Deal or No Deal and I have hope that you will read this and consider us. I’ve formally applied to the show, but wanted you to read this and see us and our hearts...anything for a small chance of getting our Baby to hold in our arms. We have so much love to give and need your help to let it pour out of our hearts & souls!

Love, Kelly & David Hutcheson

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Jessica said...

Oh wow Kelly!! How great of your friend to pass this letter along. How great would that be if you got on the show!? I will say prayers that you do!!! Hope everything is going well...can't wait to keep reading about the start of your family! :)