Sunday, October 07, 2012


So we took a day to go to Universal. Our goal there was to see Dora, Barney and Curious that particular order. Of course we needed the maps to navigate.

The highest priority of the trip was to see Cinderella and then in a close second was Dora.  I asked someone where she was and he said she was starring in a float show in 5 minutes on the other side of the park.  Oh and it was her ONLY performance of the day.  (eeeerrrrrrr......record stops aggressively) You would've thought I was running from a burning building because in that moment I yelled to David and Grady who were hanging out in Barney land we gotta go and ran for my life with Lily on my hip.  I love seeing their dreams come true.

10 years ago it was Jordan and Katie there

Oh, I just love that Boots and his spikey hair and friendly eyes.  So does Lily.  are you kidding me with the love fest between these 2?  I can almost taste it.

can't forget about Diego...

more hugs....

then second in line was seeing barney.  I cried when his show started and he shot up from the center stage singing Grady's current favorite song.  Watching their faces light up was something I'll never forget.

and I swear I was transported in time 10 years prior when I was there with Jordan and Katie...I remember that same thrill they had and the moment his show started watching them light up like a Christmas tree and we all did too.

I feel like when I'm with Jordan and Katie it's like the before and after game because I remember them so vividly at Lily and Grady's age and now at 14&16 it blows me away how much is different and how much is the same....but mostly how it all FLIES BY AT WARP SPEED!!  The saying "the days are long, but the years are short" is OH SO TRUE!!

The next 10+ years will be the busiest time of our lives ever with the go, go , go lifestyle and I try to embrace it rather than fight it or complain and savor, savor, savor all the way through...I take lots of pictures, but I also try to take tons of mental pictures where I can literally feel my brain soaking in a certain moment and filing it in the "smiling heart" folder in the cabinet in my head.

I want them to always know how loved they were then and are today every. single. day. of their lives and remember time spent being fun rather than worry and stress.  It's a daily struggle to turn the channel from stress to fun, but it's worth it because I can see a shift in my kids when I do.

We're supposed to teach them everything they need to know in life, but I feel it's mostly the reverse every day I spend with them.

They are my teachers and I am the student learning and loving all over again through their innocent eyes, free spirits and unending love that pours out of their every pore.

Being on vacation recharges everyone because it takes away chores, everyday stressors, daily grind peeling it all back just to let you enjoy your kids in a fantasy like setting.  It's like a family honeymoon.

and I thank God everyday that I get to spend my days with these tiny miracles who aren't so tiny anymore with their hearts bigger than their whole bodies showing me what's important everyday.  Life is good....and even better on vacation.

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Jen Biasi said...

GREAT points, awesome pictures, amazing family. We love you guys!!! (& will need your pointers for Universal when we go in 2 weeks......) xoxo