Tuesday, October 30, 2012

waterpark fun with a random, unplanned tangent about potty training

Have i mentioned how much I miss summer? Im a water park fanatic and could go there everyday if I could...actually I think we might of.  The kids love it there too...and each other...
i found these gems in the hopper and had to post them....Grady in his cloth swim diaper makes me giggle! (he was wearing bathing suit shorts minutes before this pic)

We've been working on potty training for weeks now and beginning to see the light.  No more diapers here, but those who claim to do it in 3 days are either crazy or extremely lucky.  I read every book, article, blog post titled "Potty Train in 3 Days" when I was 10 days in and laughed at what they said he should be doing as he had peepee dripping down his leg with pants on as I read aloud to myself.

I read  the book Oh Crap by Jamie Glowacki (and david read the chapters i told him to) by the recommendation of my friend Shelly who was my potty coach too and my pocketbook started getting excited about the idea of not buying anymore diapers.  Her book is VERY motivating and promises big things.  We did cloth diapers with lily, but because most were pink, we did some cloth but more disposable with Grady and the sticker shock almost killed me with all those diapers....and they say it takes 250 years to decompose just one diaper in a landfill.  say what??  So we did the potty boot camp with Grady and it went horribly wrong with almost little/ no progress after 3 days , but couldn't turn back at that point because there had been some progress.  But NOTHING like the book suggested. It was SO STRESSFULl!  I literally remember sitting in church praying for sick babies, world problems, friends going through heavy stuff, and for Grady to pee on potty at Sunday School.  lol
After 1-2 weeks I felt we were getting there and 3 weeks (not days) I finally felt like we had crossed over  and I could breathe again. (kinda) It was a brutal process, but glad now it's over. (kinda)  There's still accidents here and there, but he's pretty much got it. (have disclaimers all over to not ginx him)  We did a much more laid back potty training approach with Lils , but it took months with no stress so now I'm an (not so) expert in both approaches.  Lils was the low stress, but took longer approach.  Grady was the high stress, but was faster approach.  There's pros and cons to both, but it sure feels good to have 2 kids (almost) out of diapers and saving all that cashola.

More money in our pockets to go to the waterpark. (next summer sniff sniff)

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