Saturday, August 01, 2009

One more thing...

Ok, I'm really leaving for vaca, but had to post these incredible pictures taken by Fernanda (thank u!!) with her underwater camera!! They make me laugh so hard;
like hold my tummy laughing!!

I was too timid to bring Lily underwater for the group shot so I got 3 pictures just like this one!! lol!! Everyone went under but Lily!!!


So after many failed attempts, David took over.
Wonder if this should be our Christmas card this year.

the caption could read, "Bubbling Over With Love This Holiday Season"...

Or we could send a collage of our favorites...

(looky, she got a wittle trophy!!)
Ok, so maybe I'm a little punchy because I've been packing for 3 days straight and get giddy with excitement thinking about our upcoming vacation as a family (sigh) and if you look around our house it looks like we're victims of a robbery because everything is packed away in bags, suitcase, beach bags and we may need a U-Haul to get there, but thought you'd enjoy these last minute pictures before we pack away the computer in exchange for a week of memories as a family with our child...something I've only dreamed of since before we got married!!
Life is Good!!!


jen said...

i would so chicken out when it would come to the underwater child dunk.
but awesome that someone didn't! because i so think that should be your christmas card!
have a great time!

Cibele said...

OMG, she looks so confortble undewater. Pricelss pictures. Have fun on your vacation

Jennifer said...

LOL!! Cracking UP over here...I just compared the first two pictures.

#1: You are smiling this nervous smile, neck muscles freakishly enlarged, totally submerged underwater. Lily, however, is above water...probably thinking "uh, WTF... where did my parents go...I thought we were dunking." David's expression is the BEST, though...he's like "mother f-er, she didn't do it, I'm SOOO taking over next time".

#2: You look kinda the same, but your neck muscles have relaxed somewhat. That's about it. Lily's face says, "uhhh, helloooo, time to show my skills off...this is what you bitches have been making me practice for weeks, and I ROCK at it now". David says, "Daddy is here, and I know she can do it...just look at her".

I love you and know you will make such cool memories together this week.

But I can't believe you won't be here for an entire week!!!

Life won't be the same without you.

LOL...on that note, have a BLAST.

XOXOXO infinity.

Jennifer said...

call me...

text me...

send pictures!!!!

WAHHHHHHH, missing you ALREADY!!!!!

-Pathetic Patty

Kelle said...

Please frame that huge! Hilarious...and absolutely priceless! Have fun on vacation!

Grandpa said...

Hope you have a great vacation. . . enjoy your time with Lily to the fullest . . . as every parent knows . . . children grow up sooooooooooooooooooo fast!

Love Ya!
Dad & Grandpa

Delenn said...

Oh you have to just totally use that picture for the holiday cards!

Haven't visited your site in a while--she is growing up to be such a beautiful little girl!

Have a good vacation!

DGMommy said...

Absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Jen's take on the pictures. She is right on! So funny!

Have a great time, but I think that is a given:)

Love yous!!!

Heidi said...

love the pics!

when are you guys going on vacay???

i'll be home bi-otch. i'm ready for the pool party!!!!!

have fun and be safe!!!

Tisha said...

ok those are HILARIOUS! love how at home Lily is in the water, she's a little fish!