Thursday, July 23, 2009

Peeks, Kisses, Shieks, and Sweatsuit Floating

Lily loves peek a boo and thinks when she looks down in the bathtub that she's hiding...oh my cute!!

She loves to give kisses and here she's giving kisses to the doggy at Old Navy. Then she's off to shopping!!

She loves to run around after her bath in her towel. She runs around like she's trying to shake the towel off, but never can quite pull it off.

This has been test week for Lily for her swim lessons. She's passed every one so far with flying colors! They want her to practice fully clothed and even in winter clothes so she's safe no matter what the circumstances if she were ever to (God forbid) fall in. She even practices with a blanket in case Lily were to fall in with the blanket in her hand. Imagine my surprise when Fernanda put Lily in face first and Lily kicked her legs and calmly went to the floating position like she's done it all her life!! I can't say enough good things about this program and have felt comfortable from start to finish!!

It seemed like an oxymoron to dress Lily in this heat in a hooded sweatshirt, jeans, socks and sneakers for her swim lesson. Lily's receptive language is pretty good, but not that good to understand she's going to go swimming in a sweatsuit! lol

She stays in the floating position for minutes at a time and just hangs out like she's too cool for the pool. It makes me laugh and my mouth gapes everytime I see her do it! David and I are going to hop in the pool with Lily and the instructor this week so we can practice with her at home and while we're away. (don't be alarmed, she's mid-flip in the bottom picture)

Here is our little floater taking one of her tests:

This might be hard to watch, but I felt very comfortable with it knowing she was in Fernanda's hands and how well she floats. Such peace of mind knowing Lily'd be safe if she ever fell in without us nearby.(God forbid)

Blog is taking a break for awhile as we take our first official family vacation for a week to Club Med where we'll be relaxing, playing, laughing, galavanting, and soaking up the rays and each other. The anticipation of fun is almost as exciting as enjoying it! Last time I was there, I was a teenager and went with Allison's family (2x) and still ranks up there as some of the best vacations ever! I'm most excited about flying on the trapeze, playing in the pool, hammocks, spa time, the night shows, Lily in their babyland, and all-inclusive food and drinks(gasp!) all week!! I'm sure I'll take a picture or 2 while we're there....or 200!!

Life is Good!


Anonymous said...

Walking: OH wow! One day she's standing and the next she's running around like a true champ! Wow!

Swimming: This is so neat! I heard about this but I have never seen an actual video. Truly incredible!

Vacation: Wow, your vacation sounds great! Have fun!

jen said...

wow. that video was amazing.
go lily!
and your vacation! you'll have to say which one you went to ... jeremy and i have been looking into taking a vacation at an all-inclusive resort ... and that sounds marvelous! can't wait to see pictures!
have fun!

Jennifer said...

I love how you post videos of Lily "in action"...

because just a snapshot of her, frozen in time...just doesn't do it.

Her expressions...

her voice...

her signs...when she fumbles through attempting to express the endless thoughts going through that beautiful brain of hers...

all of this and more are what encompass our Lily Grace.

OMG do I love that kid. And I love you more than words!!!!!



Tisha said...

that is amazing. really. i can't wait to see vacation pics!

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