Monday, August 03, 2009

Club Med Part 1

To say we had fun is an understatement! It actually cheapens the week and the memories to say it was just "fun". It was a perfect balance of me time, mommy time, family time and couple time! I wish I had a magic power to stop time and make it last forever. Going away for a week is a long time for me because I like quick little getaways and LOVE my bed and the comforts of my own home, but this is the first time I actually wasn't craving my own bed and home because it felt like a home away from home.

Short of a red-nosed clown actually staying in our room, this was the most family friendly place I've ever been to. Not that I'm a big family vacation expert, but when there's a stroller, pack-n-play, baby bathtub in your room then regular high chairs (like you'd find in your house) at every breakfast, lunch and dinner, I felt like I was in the right spot! Plus there were kids EVERYWHERE!! Not too many where you didn't want to see another one, but enough where they added that perfect energy to every activity, game or just hanging out. Lily made lots of friends and even met another Lily from Canada who was the same age, but babbled with an accent. My obsession of bathing suits was finally appreciated here as she had one on all day everyday!


We rented a parasailing boat where we sailed on the river; Lily was all smiles as her hair stood up like she put her finger in a light socket blowing in the wind. Photobucket

When we got off, the man had put our shoes in line for us and it was so adorable to walk back to see this! (yes, I like baby powder in my shoes; usually I put so much in, I leave puffs of smoke in my trails as I walk-haha)


Then we had that sunkissed feeling as we were off to dinner and a show every night. Uh, the food was OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD! Choices galore and even Lily pigged out! I'm not kidding, we'd be finished with our meal and dessert and she was still chowing on her salmon! We've both never seen her eat so much in her entire life! I think her diapers are even a little tighter! The shows were amazing too that were perfect for kids and adults! Did I mention everything was all-inclusive? Like EVERYTHING!! It was mindless vacationing!! Everything included from food, drinks(gasp), room, to the entertainment. No tip jars anywhere to be seen and rejected if we tried to tip!! Mmmm, that's my kind of trip! It was comparable to a cruise, but we still had our car if we needed to go anywhere!


During the day, there were TONS of activities and games to choose from or you could just lounge by the pool and catch some rays. Or both! We decided to try our hand at archery. David was pretty good and got a bunch of bullseyes. When I asked the man if they had an archery competition coming up that day, he said (and I quote) "Yes, we do at 4, but I don't think you should enter." Enough said there. I do think my form is nice tho!


Another (not so) secret obsession is with halter top dresses on Lily. I can't get enough! I think it's because I love to see her little shoulder blades bee-bopping as she walks around and get a snapshot of her cute heart-shaped hemangioma on her back where I know someone in heaven gave her some kisses.


They had a HUGE indoor/outdoor playland just for kids. You could drop your kids off there or use the area and play with them too. The colors were so bright and they had something for every age. Did I mention this place was a little kid friendly? Lily didn't know what to do with herself with so much to do. Either did her parents.


They even had tennis and golf for the bigger kids and the biggest kids (ie parents). David's sore elbow left him on the sidelines, but I think he was nervous for the competition (ie me...growl) Photobucket

How about a little morning yoga by the dock? Who said yoga was easy? Yes, it was nice and relaxing, but I was sweating by the end by some of the poses. The instructor came over to me more than once and said, (and I quote) "You're doing it exactly the opposite as everyone here." Enough said there. (David, there's Tatiana-lol)


or you could fight Mr. USA in the pool when they had America Day. The GO's (employees) always had games or dances going on by the pool. Photobucket

Do you recognize this person? One of my favorite parts of Club Med and best memory as a kid with Allison's family!! The walk up that skinny, rickety ladder UNharnessed to anything is definitely the hardest part! Plus, it's pretty darn high once you're up there! Lily even cheered me on from below!!
Allison, I tried to make you proud!

These are just a few of the 200+ pictures we took, (more to come in part 2) but it was the best family vacation I could ever have dreamed of having my 2 favorite people with me around the clock. Here we are by the pool; Lily doning a tye-dye shirt she made in baby land (with a little help from momma). Did I mention this place was family friendly? We kept telling Lily she was the reason we were there! I feel like we were on a family honeymoon where the meaning of family was celebrated, encouraged, supported, and loved up all week long.


Life is Good!!


Jennifer said...

I'm so happy the Hutchies love that place as much as the Briggsies!! It is SOOO the perfect home away from home.

It is surreal seeing the three of you in such familiar was one thing to read your texts, but awesome to finally see you there. :))

I just showed Jordan the picture of in the archery area...that was his favorite spot all week last summer. He loved seeing Aunt Kelly's moves!
(speaking of moves, nice work on the trapeze, girlie)

Incredible pictures...and my absolute favorite is the one of the shoes. OMG!

Love you, so happy you made memories...but I missed you and am so happy to have you home. :)


Chanel said...

Looks like you guys the most amazing time on your little vacation. Love Lily's halter goodness she looked adorable!

Allison Brinkley, Dietitian said...

OMG Kelly! Can you believe it has been nearly 20 years since we have been on that very trapeze rig! What memories. So glad you have created so many wonderful new ones there with your family.

Me said...

AWWW... So awesome! Love all of Lily's suits.

anna said...

Wow- that trip looked amazing! I think I'm going to have to get the scoop on that place from you as a last ditch effort to maintain my sanity next year! I'm so glad you and your adorable family had so much fun. Lily is so frickin cute I can hardly stand it!

Leah said...

Great, great, great, great, great post! Did I mention I liked your post?? Seriously, where is this place? I wanna go!! You got some great pictures. Glad you had so much fun!!

jen said...

so glad to have you back ... i was excited to see your comment at my place ... i knew you were home! which is funny ... because i live NOWHERE near you.
this trip looked absolutely delightful ... and i may absolutely have to look into vacationing there next year.

Kelle said...

What a cool place! Loved seeing all Lily's sundresses...favorite pic of her was happy one in the hot pink tennis dress...So cute! Glad you guys had fun. All-inclusive rocks! Lily's growth is so evident...she looks like a two-year-old!

Samantha said...

I think this hotel should hire you to do marketing for them!! I am about to get in my car and start driving there (although not too sure where it is). Love the pics especially in the boat. You guys are such a cute little family and Lily is ADORABLE!! I am seriously booking a vaca there.

Samantha said...

I think this hotel should hire you to do marketing for them!! I am about to get in my car and start driving there (although not too sure where it is). Love the pics especially in the boat. You guys are such a cute little family and Lily is ADORABLE!! I am seriously booking a vaca there.

Unknown said...

What a FUN time you guys had (as evidenced by your words & AMAZING pics). SOOOO glad you got your camera back in time for the trip!

That place looks AWESOME! I, too, want to book a trip there ASAP! All inclusive - drinks, too!? That's almost unheard of! That's better than a cruise (I've only been on one - but drinks we're NOT included). ANYWAY, you three are the cutest family, I agree w/Sam. The HAPPINESS just radiates through the screen! LOVING Lily's bathing suits & sundresses! :)

Jessica said...

WOW Kelly!!! What an awesome vacation!!! Ummm...I am SO jealous!!! Next time you go, we are going too!! :) Awesome pictures as well!!

DGMommy said...

Love the all the pictures, especially the family in the boat and Lily as the tennis pro:) Absolutely adorable!!

You did awesome on the trapeze. I guess it is like riding a bike . . .once you know how, you never forget:)

So glad you had a great time. It looks blissful!!


Anna Ruth said...

What a great time you had. I can't wait to see you and lily!

Punta Cana Travel said...

Very nice pictures, you had great holidays apparently.