Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Does this girl love her daddy or what? He was in the pool while she was eating and thought it was so super cool that she could see him through the window! Be still my heart!! (chomping on monitor trying to eat cuteness)

Life is Good!


Grandpa said...

Life is so good seeing a child’s smile . . . thank you Lily for brightening mine!

Dad & Grandpa!

Kelle said...

laughing at the way she squeals 'daddy.' aw...i haven't seen her in so long...makes her seem so much bigger in the video! and so much more hair...and bigger teeth! all adds up to uber cute!

Mary said...

I'm sorry, but that is the cutest thing ever. Makes me miss her so much!

Cibele said...

ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the way seh says daddy.. Lyla says dadda

DGMommy said...

That is off the charts cute! That smile. . .oh my:) Love the Da-deee! She is so proud of herself! What a sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna Ruth said...

What a sweet girl you have. So happy to see her daddy. I know she is the same way when she sees you coming.

Heidi said...

she's so BIG!!! holy big girl now. where's the baby? is she saying daddy? ADORABLE! i miss her...it's been like 3 years since i last saw her;0