Thursday, May 15, 2008


Still working out the kinks in my video camera. For some reason, it's taping clips back to back and not letting me separate them into 2 different clips. Don't you love how I blame it on the camera? "User error" I'm sure. Going back to the manual for the 3rd time.

Anyway, here are 2 short clips of Lily being Lily. She is such a little kicker and always moving her hands around her face. I can't tell if she's getting ready for a boxing match or a soccer game. It's so much fun just to sit and watch her go. The first clip is her on Mother's Day dressed in her Sunday best. We spent the day at Jen's for a fabulous, followed by a family nap, grilling out and then watching Lily's first sunset together at the beach. Perfect day.

She is such a thoughtful daughter because she got me a weekend at the Hyatt (my favorite place on earth) and even a massage at the spa there. What a sweet girl. (winking at daddy) Can't wait to go on our first family vacation together and see her splash in the pool, float down the lazy river, and lay in a hammock with me. Thinking about it is almost as fun as actually doing it!! Here are some pictures from my brain in anticipation...

The second clip is of Lily getting her first bath. Ok, not her first bath, but her first bath when she's happy. Not wailing at her clueless parents! We've finally mastered bath time where it's a happy experience for all. It was a lot of trial and error on our part, but we finally got it right. Again...user error!! teehee

Another surprise this weekend was from Cousin Bridgid!! She flew all the way from MINNESOTA to meet Lily! Yes, Minnesota.... as in MINNESOTA!! As in F-A-R!! Now that is a committed cousin if I've ever heard of one. She spent all of her time eating up Lily and loving on her! She even babysat with mom, Jen, and Katie while D and I went on our first ''post Lily date" to Outback!! Thank you Bridgid for flying all that way to meet Lily and she just told me she already misses you!! We love you!!!

Here's another short video Bridgid took when Lily looks like Minnie Pearl with her flower headband on! Too bad there's not a tag still on it. ha


Kara Jansen said...

These pictures and videos definately score in the top 2 on the cuteness scale! I have to save the #1 spot for Christopher - you understand, I'm sure! :)

I know you are just lovin' Mommyville! Enjoy every precious moment of it...I know you will!

Karing Kara

Anonymous said...

Love the videos! Feel like I'm right there watching your little cutie pie!! I love the picture of you 3 on the beach!

Kelle said...

Awww...Dat Pwecious widdle Baby Girl. Her eyes are growing up...they're more alive...more aware of the world...and cuter, of course if that's even possible. She's changing before my very eyes!!! WAAAHHHH....She'll never be 4 weeks old again. WAAAHHH!!! (pulling myself together...can you say PROJECTING????)

Allison Brinkley, Dietitian said...

I love the baby sounds so sweet!