Monday, May 12, 2008

Miracle Maxson

Here's a picture of the miracle worker who made all of our dreams come true with Lily. His brain is like an IVF/reproductive encyclopedia and because of him, Lily is a reality! He represents hope for our family. My mom passes the clinic everytime she plays tennis and does the sign of the cross and thanks God for Lily and all the clinic provided for us. Everyone at this clinic was so wonderful, supportive, loving, caring and we felt as if we were the only patient they saw because of the individualized attention even though it's a thriving practice with SIX IVF doctors on staff.
Well, today, we were surprised with a hand written (in really cool dr. handwriting) card from him that read:

Dear Kelly and David,

Thanks for your fantastic announcement, beautiful pictures, and kind note. I'll check our your baby blog tonight. Please come by and visit when you get the chance. Best wishes for many more April 4th happy birthdays.

Wayne Maxson and Staff

I gasped when I read it because it was like getting a letter from someone famous. It was as if the letter was handwritten from the Pope wishing us well. It really meant a lot to us that he took the time to write a hand written note to us. So Dr. Maxson, if you're reading this (waving excitedly at monitor showing off Lily) thank you for the note, but thank you for using your magic and wisdom to perform the greatest miracle in our lives. We are better people because of you. Our family will never forget all that you have done for us!

Here's the announcement he received that Kelle created from her magic are we so blessed with people like this in our lives??

Life is good!


jennygirl said...

THANK YOU Dr. Maxon!!!

You helped my sister Kelly realize her life long dream of becoming a mother...and the world will be a better place because of how she and David will love and raise their daughter Lily...I can promise you that.

Your name..."Dr. Maxon" one that represents love, familiarity, joy, and unending gratitude in our family. There are NO WORDS to describe what you have done for the happiness of our present and future lives.

If I ever meet you, watch out, because I am likely to tackle you with the biggest HUG ever.

Thank you for all you have done for us. You are truly as dream come true doctor.

(Kelly's Big Sister)

Heidi said...

We love you, Dr. Maxon!!! Thank you for making our friends soooo overwhelmingly (may not be a word) happy and full of love from their little Lily!!!

Kelle said...

What's up DR. MAXON??!!! That picture of you is known by was included in a slideshow for Lily that over 50 people saw! God has blessed you with an incredible mind and to do what you do...and look at little babies like Lily...and all their tiny perfect parts...must make you feel so incredible. Thanking God for giving us people like you to make miracles come true!! David and Kelly and so many more are so grateful for it!

Anonymous said...

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