Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I've gotten back the fever to digital scrapbook!! It's so much fun and I really missed it!! The first few weeks after Lily was born, I didn't know how the laundry would get finished, but now we're in a little bit of a groove (that changes daily) so it gives me a little more time to be creative and have some fun with Kelle's amazing pictures she's taken of our sweet angel! I'll print these pages and compile them into a traditional scrapbook so she won't have to view her first year of life on the computer. ha ha

Here's her first month: (click to enlarge)

1 Month

Read this amazing poem that a former student, Mylin Martin wrote for Lily. I had Mylin when she was in first grade and now she's in middle school!!! She was such a sweet and special girl in first grade and nothing has changed since then!! Thanks Mylin and keep writing your fantastic poems!! We love you!!

Blue is for violets,
Red is for a rose.
I spy a baby,
with a cute button nose!
Love for others,Three times the charm.
Awaiting for that day to come,
To be the first to cradle you in my arms.
Through all the days to come,
And for those that will be exhausting.
You're my little baby,
That I'll never stop loving.
I'll be here by your side.
Through it all.
To witness your first step,
And videotape your first fall.
Either dirt or daisies,
Girl or boy;
Forever and for always,
You are our every joy.
Anxious for those moments,
And all the days to come.
We give you all our love,
From your one and only dad and mom!!


Becky Le Cochon said...

Simply beautiful what you do with Lily's pics...What software do you use?

Heidi said...

okay...i am all caught up! have been out of town and trying to get back into the groove of things. With that said...HOLY MOLY! Your postings are amazing! I love the bigger pics too! Your pages look great and very sweet. I need a tutorial very badly. Lily gets prettier and prettier each time I see her. love you,

Heidi said...

one more...that picture of Lily smiling is precious...I would wall paper my house with that photo! love her